22 weeks

Hola, world! It’s me, pregnant Jennifer. I am now officially 22 weeks along with Baby Girl, and she’s doing great and I’m feeling good.

She kicks me often enough, and I am definitely unquestionably pregnant looking. She’s very polite and usually waits to kick me until I’m in the middle of something, like trying to sleep. She wants to say hi, you see.

I had a great midwife appointment yesterday, in which I was informed I’ve gained 10 pounds in 5 weeks. Um. Whoah. That seems….like a lot. No one is worried about how I am doing (that’s only 18 pounds total in 22 weeks), and I don’t care about how I look, per say, my concern is not having a home birth with a 12 pound baby. I need to work very vigilantly to be as healthy as I can.

So in the interest of having the best muscle tone, placenta (sorry dad) health as possible etc etc I am going to work extra hard on not succumbing to pregnancy cravings like I did with Caden. With a home birth coming up, I want to be vigilant that I go into it as healthy as possible.

That said, yesterday I hate two hostess cupcakes. But that was then! Today I’ve eaten three eggs. Not only three eggs, but meals including 3 total eggs. For egg aversion me, that’s a big deal. I masked them with bacon. I don’t think I can hit 100g of protein a day unless all I do is eat, but I’m going to work really hard to make healthy choices.

I finally feel pregnant, and am really appreciating the belly being at that cute and round stage right before the jutting escaped sea creature phase that comes later. 🙂 A random woman on the street today told me I look adorable, so that’s always nice.

Riker is a bit young to realize what’s going on with me being pregnant, but we keep reminding Caden that mom is growing baby sister, and he can say hi anytime he likes. He usually says no thank you! The other day he did stop and show a little interest in baby sister. Maybe if baby sister buys him a present, he’ll be more interested. I think they will love her.

I have been praying lots of things for baby girl- that she would be sweet and mild tempered, and kind and hilarious and tough and a great leader with a humble heart. I so badly want her to have her dad’s curly hair, but more than likely she will be most bald until age 3 or so, like her brothers. Her little ultrasound profile looks just like Riker’s. I just can’t wait to meet her.

Until then, 18 weeks to go. I forgot how much fun it is to try and turn over in your sleep when you’re pushing 22 weeks of belly out of the way.

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