Here We Are.

For all you folks that have wanted to know, who are these people? Well, here we are. Gentlemen first of course,

Occupation: Professional Photographer, Husband, Father, Most Excellent Changer of Extremely Messy Diapers, Head James Residence Dish Washer. Fantastic Stay At Home Dad.

Vital Stats: Tall, white to the point of opaqueness, buzzed hair (it’s hot here in the summer!), blue eyes, good “I’ll be your friend for a cup of coffee” smile. Also, becoming super strong due to regular applications of P90X.

Loves: Pursuing God and studying His Word, Taking Pictures, Interactive Digital Entertainment, Settlers of Cattan, Photography (ask him about Canon cameras!), manufacturing fart noises to make Caden smile, singing silly songs to Riker and generally being awesome at everything.

Favorite snack food: Peanut butter and graham crackers. Period, end of sentence.

Jennifer James

Occupation: Mom. Wife. Artist. Pays the bills by Working at an undisclosed company up north, making stuff that’s broken work better, and generally being helpful.

Vital Stats: Tall, short hair, green eyes, great smile thanks to thousands of dollars out of pocket in orthodontics, courtesy of her parents. Decided one day to become a runner, and just started running. You can find her at the gym, or on the track.

Loves: Reading, Drawing, Making the Babies smile. Finding those passages in the Bible that make you go “wow, I love Jesus”. Encouraging other people to be healthy. Eating m&m’s. Snuggling her walking talking Caden, who squeaks. Bouncing Riker because he smiles at everything. Beating her husband at Scrabble and Backgammon. Being married to an awesome man and mother to the worlds best kids, especially now that they sleep through the night. kidding! no seriously.

Favorite Snack: BBQ potato chips, m&m’s or ice cold pineapple.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why don’t you blog more often?

I’d like to say it’s due to something legitimate.  Jennifer blogs as often as possible, or when she has something worth saying.

Which one of you could beat Chuck Norris in a fight?

The kids, for sure. They would smile at Chuck, and the cuteness would cause Walker Texas Ranger to explode instantly.

What is your dream?
We desire to be first and foremost, great lovers of God. We hope to minister in prayer and reality to other couples like ourselves, who just need encouragement and someone to tell them they are doing a good job at being alive. We dream of being the kind of parents that raise passionate lovers of Jesus who don’t scream in public (often) and always remember to say thank you. So far, so good.

Have more questions to ask? Leave them here. Posting suggestions? Topics you want to hear about? Leave those here too! We’ll get right back to you. More to come later and see the page “The James: Defined” for our mini testimony. Bless you, and thanks for hanging out with us at justeastofwest!


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