The James’ : Defined

Not so much ‘defined’ as ‘humorously introduced’.

Aaron and Jennifer James began their life together as married folk in November of 2005, and, for those of you that can’t count, that means anniversary number 6 is coming up fast. Send cash in lieu of gifts.

Brought together by the grace of God from two very different and far away places to be a part of IHOP. Jennifer grew up in big city Suburbia in Seattle, Washington, where she was attending University heading towards a teaching degree when God literally hijacked her life and sent her to KC. She still insists that it is not her fault she lives in the Midwest. She can barely believe she is raising children thousands of miles away from a decent sized body of water. Her family teases her mercilessly for saying things like “supper” and “ya’ll.”

Aaron spent his pre-HOP time in Wilmore, KY, a tiny town in the middle of pretty much nowhere with a huge prophetic history, where they frequently say “supper” and “ya’ll”. He spent his formative years playing baseball inside the house, and riding his bike or skateboarding around one of the few towns on earth where kids can still ride their bikes, and come home safe.

Aaron and Jennifer met during the One Thing internship, and fell deeply in love, 5 months before Jennifer could date (no internship dating!) With many false starts and longing glances, the pair decided to focus on God and do their darndest to ignore each other until the internship was over, when they would begin to date. The rest as they say, is history.

In the interest of not losing YOUR interest, the author will make a long story short. One internship graduation, one great first date in sub zero temperatures, 7 months, about 6 business trips, lots of talking, hanging out, falling in love, and one dad’s permission later, the two were married.

Shortly after marriage, Jennifer decided she liked to eat and pay bills, and do both things with the electricity on, and so, being a resourceful girl, she put on her best outfit and went out to get a ‘real’ job.

Two days later, she was hired, and is happy to announce that there is no such thing as job security. After announcing she was pregnant, she was laid off 3 weeks later (not that there is any connection..). When she’s not at home, she’s most likely at her full time job at a Big Jewelery Company’s I.T. department. Or at the gym, twice a day, burning off the baby weight and becoming a runner.

Aaron early on in his marriage succumbed to the siren call of free caffeine and health insurance at the glorious Starbucks of Corporate Woods. After a great time period of being at the House of Prayer, God once again called Aaron to return to the marketplace, where he worked diligently to provide for his family and support his caffeine habit.

Somewhere in all of that, two beautiful boys were born. They are, and remain, awesome.

Caden on the left, Riker on the right. Both handsome and hilarious.

 Then, God swapped Aaron and Jennifer ‘s house-roles again as He often does,  now Aaron is the stay-at-home dad, where he cleans, cooks and raises his boys to be oustanding upright citizens. There is also a lot of Sesame Street.

Jennifer finally sold enough stuff to afford her iPhone, and will never be without a smartphone ever ever ever again.

Jennifer paints, and is often incredibly pleased with how they turn out.

Aaron is a professional photographer, who shoots only film. He creates timeless pictures that will still look beautiful in 50 years.

Aaron and Jennifer love hanging out with people at their house and now have a dining room table, so no one has to eat at the coffee table anymore.  They enjoy doing athletic things every now and then (but hate getting that stitch in their sides).

 They also play a wicked game of Scrabble and are always ready for new challengers. They are always happy to let you hold the babies, because it feels so nice to snuggle a little one, and the big one is all yours, if you can catch him.

Aaron and Jennifer have a burden to pray for their friends, relatives and the future. The James’ sincerely hope that their blog becomes a place of harbor, encouragement, and your daily dose of silliness. We also write all our own material, and you don’t have to worry about us going on strike. Will work for free babysitting.

Never hesitate to call, write, or grab either one of them if you see them out in public. We no longer have cable, but we still have every gaming system known to man, and good wireless, and tons of food, so invite yourself over. Just call first, for your own safety. As long as you aren’t vomiting or fevered, feel free to ask to hold the babies.  They are very friendly and almost never bite. See you around!


16 thoughts on “The James’ : Defined

  1. Hey you two! I hope that you are well, I just wanted to let you know that I am moving back down to KC in July or August. I’m looking for jobs and a car and once those are taken care of, I will be on my way.
    I look forward to seeing you both. Have a great day!
    (Aaron, are you working for the internship again or for Onething onething?)

    love, miranda

  2. That’s awesome! I can’t wait!

    You had darn well better come over!

    I am working with the conference people. Woot!

  3. Well Donna finally gave me the blog address… We miss you Aaron C is up from FL to see his lady… Phillip is cooking the Sunday meal with Alison it’s opur 30th anniversary meal, your parents brought donut and Jeff and Phillip play wii golf

    Hope to see you all soon.

  4. Woah, since when did Aaron C have a “Lady?” I’m gonna need more details than that.

    It’s good to hear from you. We miss you too.

    Zach S just moved out here to do the music school. Let you know when we get back to town.

  5. Hello!

    I once knew both of you in a life far, far away and long, long ago – or at least in 2004!

    I enjoy reading your blog from time to time (I follow the trail from heisatthedoor.)

    Actually, I’m accessing your blog tonight with specific intent.

    Aaron? You took a lot of pictures for the Onething July 2004’s year book didn’t you?

    I looked at it for the first time tonight… and there are a couple of pictures in the collection that..

    I’m embarrassed at my naivete of photography… but did someone snap a picture of an angel??

    I know it was a long time ago but I was hoping that would stand out to you.

    It could have been manipulated as an artistic endeavor but I’m unclear.

    I didn’t know who else to ask and it was rather bugging me.

    Jennifer? You are utterly lovely.

  6. Howdie Y’all,
    Your mom told me you had a blog so I googled you and found it so super easy. The hole blog thing is new to me. Next time I see you we will have to have a talk about the allure of blogging, it eludes me. It makes me feel like I am peeking into your personal business uninvited. Cause you are no doubt always writing personal things you don’t think anyone should know…hmmmm Is my age showing???? If it is, you will clearly see that I am still quite young and hip. lol When are you all going to come visit us again? Jennifer you can appreciate Angeline’s joy I think…she just got a quarter horse for her birthday. She is greenbroke so A is working on training her for barrel racing and in the spring we intend to breed her. Fun! We are milking a cow now! Next time you come you can enjoy some raw milk and homemade butter and ice cream from our sweet Mabel. It’s like traveling back in time to come here, except I know how to blog now. OK, that’s my hello. Love you guys!

  7. Beth WELCOME!
    Yes, we write all kinds of fun things, and you are welcome to read all of them! I hope we will be out again to visit soon! Can’t wait to see the family and goats and horses etc. Much love!

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