Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day was just lovely. I awoke to my screaming children, as I do every day, and remind myself that at least I’m not the one who has to blast out of bed to attend them. Aaron does that, for which I am exceedingly grateful, over and over.

Aaron brought me three flowers this year, lovely orange roses that I love. The boys don’t quite understand how to sniff a flower, though they gave it a good shot.

We packed up the boys and took them over to Loose Park, which has all the cool toys. I even convinced them it would be fun to run through the botanical gardens and look at the fountain. Caden was enthused, right up to the point when he realized he couldn’t actually touch any of the water. Tres disappointment for the Squeaker. Continue reading


Terrific Lady Day

There is a show I like, where one of the men talks about how once every couple of months, he gives his wife a terrific lady day. It’s all about going and doing whatever she wants to do, and looking interested the whole time. Once every two months.

I’m lucky, I don’t have to convince my husband to be interested in me, or to care about what I care about. He just does, because he’s a great guy. Last night he took me out to my favorite Thai place, Lulu’s, where I ate bit sized deliciousness and drank two fantastic martinis. After a great (and thanks to happy hour, super affordable) meal, he took me shopping at the Plaza, where he bought me a terrific pair of pants that may be black, or blue. We can’t decide. Awesome Guy at the Gap says “cobalt black.” Sure dude. Sounds good to me.

I even got to wear my new (new to me) vintage teal, brocade, satin-lined fur collared coat, which got rave reviews from every man working at the Gap. We oo’ed and ah’ed over the only tag in the coat, a labor union tag from the 20’s. I am going to take it to the furrier and ask them what kind of fur the collar is. In a coat that old, it has to be real. But, onwards to my point. First though, here’s my awesome coat. Well, the collar anyway.

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Our Story Cont’d: The Next Coupla Months

I am reposting our falling in love story, that we originally wrote down in 2007. This is the next installment, authored by Aaron. Enjoy.

November 1, 2007
So we started dating on December 19th 2004. As Jennifer said, the end of our date was me dropping her off at the airport for Christmas break. Of course we talked for like two hours every night and while I enjoyed that vacation I couldn’t wait till it was over.

After a rather harrowing drive in the snow back to KC from Kentucky I went to pick up Jennifer from the airport and our first date after she had arrived was Gates BBQ. I thought it was great but Jennifer thought it lacked a little something she calls “Romance.” Continue reading

Our Story Cont’d: A Forgotten Night and a Short Walk

I’ve been reposting our falling in love story, that we originally wrote down in 2007. This next bit was authored by Aaron in October of 2007. Enjoy.

October 8, 2007
The evening that Jennifer doesn’t remember because of the drugs (see previous post) was a lot of fun. We broke our rules because of the circumstances and went with a group to Town Center. We all ate at T. G. I. Friday’s where our friend Teressa tied straw sleeves to her hair and went to Barns & Noble and marveled at the some stuff in the Guinness Book of World Records and watched Napoleon Dynamite. Continue reading

Our Story Cont’d: Of Sketches and Separation

I’ve been posting Aaron and my dating and engagement story, that we wrote down in 2007. This is Aaron’s take on the days following the fateful baseball game. Enjoy.

September 27, 2007
So after the ball game I was sweating bullets because Jennifer didn’t give me a straight answer one way or the other. I bounced back and forth with the old she-loves-me, she-loves-me-not all night. We met the next day to talk through exactly how the next five months would be played out. We met and sat under a tree in a very public place and set our boundaries.

A lot is coming back as I write. We decided To not speak what so ever for the duration of the internship. We would be as far from each other as possible when we were forced to be in the same place. I would sit on the left in the prayer room she would sit on the right (it eventually became opposite sides of an aisle and a few rows apart). She would sit in the front at classes and I in the back. We would find tables distant from one another at meals, etc. Continue reading

Where it All Began (For Aaron)

I’m reposting our “how we met” stories from our other blog. This is Aaron’s original post on when he and I first met. Enjoy.

September 19, 2007
When Jennifer and I met I was a leader in the internship. My first memory of seeing her was the orientation that she mentioned. I was sitting in the back of the room with Josh Hawkins when, as she mentioned, she and Brianna walked in. Leaned over to Josh and asked if he knew who they were. He said that he had picked them up at the airport and that one was Jennifer and the other Brianna but he couldn’t remember which was which. I remember admiring that they both had very short hair. Continue reading

How Not to Think

*Warning: Serious and fairly long post ahead.*

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post I’ve been studying the Hydroplate Theory, a creation theory, for a little while now. I find it absolutely fascinating. If you’re interested you can rad about it here. I talk about it with Jennifer from time to time and recently she asked me if having a correct understanding of creation was really that important. I totally understand where she was coming from. We’re here now so what does it matter that we understand the specifics of our past? The fact of the matter is that understanding the beginning is vital to understanding where we are and where it’s all going. Continue reading