21 Weeks Tomorrow

Ok so I’ve been terrible at this updating thing. That’s the downside to being in front of a computer all day: when you get home, you don’t want to sit in front of the computer.

Morning sickness died down right around week 16, praise the Lord, and I can now eat with enjoyment again, instead of just stuffing food in my face and hoping it stayed there.

I made it through the entire bout of morning sickness without throwing up once, and I attribute it to this:

I’m having a girl!

I am pointing at her nose, to orient those of you that think all ultrasound pictures look like squirrels. I noticed the other night while Riker was asleep that her and his profile are almost identical. I just can’t wait to meet her!

And if having girls means I don’t puke, I want to have girls forever.

My mom got to be here for the ultrasound, and when the tech said, “so, you have two boys?” I thought, here it comes, boy number 3! But then she said, “you’re having a girl.” and both mom and I burst into tears. I would have loved another boy, but I honestly thought I’d never get to have a daughter.

I am so excited for dress up clothes and tea parties and all that fun stuff I haven’t experienced yet. I can hardly wait!

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