First Look at Baby #3

Today fried chicken is the best thing ever. I feel a little queasy, but it’s like having a pit in my stomach all the time. It’s manageable.

Yesterday I got the see the tiny bean! In this picture, I am pointing to the head end, and then it curves back to where there will be legs soon! You can’t hear the heart beat this early, but I sure could see it fluttering! Great heart tones and all. That’s my baby! Modern medicine is really amazing. And baby really does look exactly like a lima bean right now, at 7.5 weeks. I swear he/she waved an arm nubbin at me. Or maybe it was a tail flick?

But all is well, and we confirmed my due date is December 26th. With my insurance deductible starting over on January 1st, it’s pretty imperative I get this kid birthed in 2012. Please pray for me, as Aaron and I are looking at the finances and trusting yet again that the Lord will pull us through.

He is a good provider. The best provider, and I’m so glad He has a plan.

In other news, Caden and Riker, when asked if they’d like a baby brother, or sister, vaccilate between saying “no thank you” and “baby sister” and “baby brother.” So who knows, at this point.


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