Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day was just lovely. I awoke to my screaming children, as I do every day, and remind myself that at least I’m not the one who has to blast out of bed to attend them. Aaron does that, for which I am exceedingly grateful, over and over.

Aaron brought me three flowers this year, lovely orange roses that I love. The boys don’t quite understand how to sniff a flower, though they gave it a good shot.

We packed up the boys and took them over to Loose Park, which has all the cool toys. I even convinced them it would be fun to run through the botanical gardens and look at the fountain. Caden was enthused, right up to the point when he realized he couldn’t actually touch any of the water. Tres disappointment for the Squeaker.

Riker, as he always does, ran the entire time, chubby cheeks bouncing, and almost always stayed near us. Occasionally he likes to dart in a separate direction, just to make sure you’re watching. We always are. (almost).

Then it was home, where I scarfed a huge sandwich and a bag of chips, because I was so so hungry, and it’s mother’s day, darn it.

While I did damage to my food, Aaron filled the boys pool with water. They don’t swim in it much, but they love emptying it one cup full at a time. On each other, mostly, and occasionally some plants. It’s very hilarious.

They took good naps, and I also snoozed a bit, before heading out to get a pedicure. I also bought a coke slurpee, which may be the best thing I’ve ever eaten. I was genuinely sad when it was gone. It was a lovely time out, and I’ve felt pretty good this weekend. I’m very grateful to no longer be absolutely miserable at work. If I stay on top of eating frequently, and my B6 it seems to help quite a bit. And of course, Dr Amy is always available when I am desperate, for which I am also eternally grateful.

I forgot the best part of mothers day: Caden, peeing on the deck, and leaning down to swish it around, as if to wipe it off the surface. Then, licking his hands. While I was screeching (gently) at Caden not to lick his hands that had urine on them, Riker ran through the puddle, barefoot and laughing into the house. That was a mom moment for the books.

It was a lovely mother’s day. The only thing that could have made it better was being with my own mom, whom I miss every day. All in all though, I am so blessed. Can’t believe next year I’ll have three kids, instead of two!


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