Blessed Relief, or, Why I Adore My Chiropractor

Pregnancy brings on debilitating nausea for me. I don’t throw up, but for some reason it’s almost worse. I just feel incredibly motion sick, with a vomity pit in my stomach, all day, every day. And, all night. The other night I woke up for some reason or another, and felt beyond swirly, like I was falling, but also had the flu. I was just crying to Jesus for an answer, having no idea how on earth I would function, much less go to my job and function, if I stayed this sick.

 Before you start, no, I don’t take medications when I’m pregnant. Especially since the only anti nausea drug prescribed to pregnant women is a class B drug meant for chemo patients. Class B means it’s never killed any animals, but it’s never been tested on human beings for birth defects or harm to mothers. Lots of women take it, but I can’t justify it for myself, or my little one.

 As I lay dying (ok, drama, but seriously constant nausea is the worst) my chiropractor, Amy emailed me and told me she thought cranial adjustments might help my nausea. I had no idea what that entailed, and frankly didn’t really care. I just heard “might help nausea” and sped to her to let her do whatever she wanted to me.

After a run of the mill neck adjustment, Amy had me lie down and began to press on certain areas of my skull. The places where the bones meet in your skull can push up against eachother, causing hormonal imbalances, excess of spinal fluid, and other weird stuff like migraines.

 To be honest, she was pressing so gently I thought there was no way what she was doing could possibly be changing anything. But I trust Amy to the ends of the earth, so I laid there and enjoyed feeling my neck tension melt away.

 After about ten minutes, she prompted me to go home and drink a lot of water, she didn’t want to do too much in one day. “Too much?” I thought, “you just pressed on my head super gently for 10 minutes….” I promised to drink what I could, getting food and water down has been a lot like trying to dress a squirmy toddler. You might want it to happen, but there are other forces at work.

 I went home, and didn’t feel much different. I choked down some food, and barely could drink any water. I had a headache, but I figured it was from my lack of water consumption. It felt just like getting a massage when you can’t get enough water after- just sort of sore and tired.

 But, miracle of miracles, by the time I went to bed I wasn’t nauseous at all. Yesterday I spent the entire day almost 100% nausea free. I still don’t feel entirely like myself, but that’s the first trimester for you. Or rather, for me. I was so grateful yesterday to not feel sick I could have cried. I almost did. I was so overjoyed. I hope giant piles of money fall on Amy from every conceivable corner of the globe.

 The best thing about Amy is her genuine desire to help people feel better. She’s so kind, and so very thoughtful. She could charge a bunch for adjustments and the help she gives, but she works really hard to keep her prices incredibly affordable. You can visit her website here at

 Thank you Amy, you’ve literally saved me.

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