Night Lights

Last night, the unthinkable happened. The night light in the boys room stopped working. I knew this was happening, because Caden sensed something was not right in his Universe. He let me know it was so, by saying, “oh no mommy! oh no!” and moaning. I went in, tried to fix the night light. No dice. I tried to plug in a lamp and hide it behind the dresser so it wasn’t so bright. Caden cried out, “that one! that one! that one!” while pointing to the two dead night lights on the dresser. I unplugged the lamp, and tried to fix one of our old night lights.

Caden, who’s beside himself despite my best efforts, keeps saying “yay mommy, you did it!” every time I tried to show him that it was broken. He’s very optimistic, even over broken lights.

I sent Aaron post haste to the store to retrieve sour things (morning sickness prevention) and night lights (Caden sad prevention). Riker, who’d had a fever since naptime, was not so enthused that I was trying to get him to sleep in a dark room.

After putting them down for bed with the door open, to let in some light, I heard tiny feet pattering across the floor. “Woooo?” *patter patter* “WooOO?” *patter patter* “WOOO?!” Was Caden’s sonar-esque attempt to see if I noticed he wasn’t going to sleep without a night light. I let them both get up, and we watched tv until Aaron came home with the night lights.

There was some initial issue with the fact that this night light had a translucent cover, and the last one had an OPAQUE cover. His Royal Squeakiness finally complied when I told him, “buddy, it’s a light. It works just like the last one.”

Riker was already, forgive me, out like a light.

And a few minutes later, his little cheeks illuminated by his new nightlight, Caden was too.

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