Paintings Are Going on a Trip

My friend Alice Scott is the new director of Forerunner Arts, and she’s doing some amazing new things. The Partners Department asked for some paintings by IHOP artists. They are setting up some rooms where Partners can relax, and they wanted some paintings to hang in those rooms. I submitted some of my favorite pieces, and they were chosen!

After selling a couple pieces last weekend, and then getting a commissioned piece as well, it’s feeling like I’m actually making art on a regular basis. I’m trying to sell enough right now to buy a artograph prism projector. It’s been a much desired piece for a long time, but it’s pricey at around 120, so I’ve been putting it off. I’m so slammed for time when I DO have time to paint, that not having to draw something more than once would be nice. I could do a drawing of the painting at work, get to the studio at night, pop it into the projector and away I would go!

Yesterday the lock/power button on my phone stopped working. You wouldn’t think this was annoying, until it happened to you. I can’t power off my phone, or turn off the screen when I’m done. So I’m doing a lot of butt dialing. Sorry if I butt call you. Or leave a butt voicemail.

I’m on day 12 of 14 straight days of working. Lots of stress eating and forgetting simple things and accidentally hitting hang up when I mean to hit transfer. 🙂 I’ll be thankful for sleep on Sunday.

I’m very excited, my paintings are going to be displayed at onething! Pray that they sell. I’d love them all to have good homes. 🙂


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