‘I’ve never been so happy for darkness’ or ‘How I acquired some stuff’

The day we moved into our new house I got a call from my friend Aaron. His girlfriend was having a garage sale and he wanted to know if I wanted a darkroom set up. I informed him that I was interested and I informed him that I had been wanting to develop and print my own work for quite some time. However I didn’t inform him that the prospect of purchasing nearly everything I’d need for less than $1000 made me almost wet my pants.

The equipment is old and I’ve examined everything but I haven’t yet put it through it’s paces so I have yet to determine if will all work. I need to purchase a few things as well, like the development chemicals, but I’m hopeful everything will come together. Also, and this might prove to be a big hurtle, I need to actually build a light-tight space.

Jennifer has transformed (clean the crap out of) a section of the basement and created a nice space she can paint. It’s pleasant and gives her space to create. I’ve been conceptualizing (staring blankly at a wall) how I want to build my space out too. I think I’ll go with the option that requires the least amount actual construction.

All that to say: I’m excited. I like the idea of creating art from start to finish. I like the idea of putting in the time and working toward mastering all aspects of a craft. Also I like getting stuff.

When people learn that I shoot film they often ask if I would like to have this old camera or that thing that is not compatible with modern technology. The answer is always yes. I always enjoy tooling around with and shooting cameras no matter how old and seemingly obsolete.

So look out for hand printed photographs in the future. If you have any old cameras you don’t know what to do with I’d be glad to take them off your hands and If you’d like your picture captured on film give me a buzz.

My Photo Blog: http://sidestreetphotography.blogspot.com/


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