Our Story Cont’d: A Forgotten Night and a Short Walk

I’ve been reposting our falling in love story, that we originally wrote down in 2007. This next bit was authored by Aaron in October of 2007. Enjoy.

October 8, 2007
The evening that Jennifer doesn’t remember because of the drugs (see previous post) was a lot of fun. We broke our rules because of the circumstances and went with a group to Town Center. We all ate at T. G. I. Friday’s where our friend Teressa tied straw sleeves to her hair and went to Barns & Noble and marveled at the some stuff in the Guinness Book of World Records and watched Napoleon Dynamite.

It was hilarious when, some time later, I started talking to Jennifer about that evening and I got the “quit pulling my leg” look. It took me a wile to convince her that that night ever took place. And of course we had to watch Napoleon Dynamite again.

We’ll kinda breeze through all the repetitive days in those five months. The short version is the waiting sucked.

You watch a romantic movie about a couple waiting to be together and you go, “Aww, that’s sweet.” It was nothing like that. It was basically a guided tour of Hell. It was the LONGEST six months I have ever experienced.

We broke our rules from time to time but it was maybe three or four times in five months. And when we disobeyed our self-set guidelines it was in a group setting and only for a very short amount of time. We were together one-one one only like once or twice.

For instance, there was the time I was walking back to my apartment. As I was leaving when I got on the path to the apartment I found myself walking about 6 steps behind Jennifer. I was Like “What the heck.” I caught up to her and we talked for the 30 seconds it too us to walk to the spot where we had to part ways. And we walked slow, trust me.

Then after five months we finally got to graduation. I’ll let Jennifer tell that part of the story. When she tells it, it is more embarrassing for me and, thusly, more entertaining for you.

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