Something New in the Prayer Room

This weekend, I did something new in the prayer room. I didn’t pace, I didn’t get distracted, I didn’t stare at the door wondering who I was going to see.

I did this.

Yes, I joined about 5 other artists, and I painted in the prayer room. This is the picture of my set up. I hefted my solid oak easel from home, brought my pickle jar for water, and a diaper wipes box to cart my supplies. It was actually a really functional set up for me. I stood the entire time, and my feet would have been sore by the end of the two hours, but I thought ahead and wore my vibram five fingers.

This picture was taken by the coordinator/facilitator of artists in the pr, my friend Diana Downing. It’s a tad blurry, but you can see me using a hand palette, which I almost never use and momentarily forgot how to hold.

I am also wearing a batman tshirt.

At home I usually putter on paintings for weeks, because Aaron and I can no longer be in the same room while I paint, like in our old house, so I’m less inclined to closet myself away from him and work. He offered to watch the kiddos Saturday so I could go be a part of painting in the prayer room.

Usually in the PR, I feel a little out of place. I don’t recognize anyone, I have people watching ADD, and frankly, I’m wounded over how I’ve been treated there in the past.

But painting totally changed that. Painting is my thing, it’s who I am. And to have IHOP as an entity welcome painters into the Pr, even in this limited capacity (one set a week), felt welcoming. Plus, focused in on my work, I could worship, and sing, and pray in tongues while painting, and all my usual ADD issues dissapeared. God gave me the gift, and it was wonderful to use it in worship.

I started to paint an impressionistic picture of this place:

The cabin at skunk bay I went to every year until I got married.

It just wasn’t working. I found myself yearning to paint these circles I’ve been drawn to lately. It’s all I’ve been doing, but I’m always happy with them and always end up feeling like they work. So, I went with it. The end result pleased me greatly, and is now hanging in my room.

I call it, “Memory” 18×18 on canvas. If you love it, please, let me know, as all my pieces are always for sale.  I am very attached to this one. It was nice to go back to the PR, and feel like it worked.


4 thoughts on “Something New in the Prayer Room

    • It’s Saturdays at 2pm. You need to let Diana Downing (find her on facebook) know before hand if you’d like to participate, because we work with a very limited amount of space. I believe they are also trying to add a week day afternoon set! Diana is the gal to talk to!

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