My take on Nerdiness

In my last post I mentioned being a nerd and I used the term in the general way it is typically used: referring to someone who likes science fiction or comics or computers etc. However I think there is a way to view nerdines in which we are all nerds. Now, before you steal my lunch money and give me a wedgie hear me out. I think that everyone probably has at least one subject in their lives that they love almost to the point of annoying someone else. For me that subject is photography.

My name is Aaron James and I am a photography nerd.

I say “almost to the point of annoying someone else” to be kind. I am way past that point, as my wife can attest. For me the distinguishing difference between just liking a thing and nerding out about it comes in the dedication in attaining knowledge and/or practice. Let me clarify: I play bass however I am not a bass or music nerd because when it comes down to expanding my craft and learning theory and playing scales for five hours a day my interest wanes and I won’t voluntarily do it. However when it comes to photography I’d happily pour through a book full of the most technical information because it fascinates me. Or put me in a room with someone else who can talk about this subject indefinitely and you’ll find me there until the wee hours of the morning

I think you can apply my theory of nerdiness to just about anything if you have a passion for it. Cooking, designing, writing, music, cars, sports (that’s right jock, I just call you a nerd. What are you going to do about it?). Shows like Top Chef fascinate me for this reason. It intrigues me to watch people who have such a dedication to their craft that they will focus on a single subject for years to produce the highest quality product possible.

So what are you a nerd about?

Oh, and if there are any other photography nerds out there feel free to drop me a line.


5 thoughts on “My take on Nerdiness

  1. Miranda- Awesome.

    Jennifer- maybe I came off a bit strong in the article. Areas YOU are nerdy: certain sci-fi and fantasy novels, running, Dr. Who, painting.

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