Am I raising a Jock?

Today I watched Caden running in circles throwing a big bouncy ball into the air over and over and I thought to myself: What if my boys grow up to not be nerds? What if they love sports and I can’t connect with them in their interest of players, stats and scores? What if they have no interest in Star Wars, comics or video games?

I played baseball when I was young but only for a couple of years in elementary school. My high school days were filled with video games and playing bass, not team sports. I never so much as attended a single school sporting event in my teens. I did skateboard for a while but was never any good.

If my boys want to take up a sport of course I’ll support them. I’ll be at every game to cheer them on and take them out for celebratory pizza after. However if they want to bond over NFL starting lineups and draft choices I’m afraid I just won’t cut it. We’ll have to find some other common ground.

My dad played basketball all the way through high school and he tracks with college basketball and football. I enjoy college basketball but I have only a cursory knowledge of the sport so I can’t really contribute too much when we talk about it. I don’t know if he had hoped I would take up sports, I’ve never thought to ask him.

We’ll see who my boys become but today, at least, I can keep up with them, I’m very good at throwing a ball into the air and yelling at it.


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