Sell it to Make it

I sell my art for one reason: to make money, so I can buy stuff to make more art.

Currently, I am deeply deeply in love with the idea of paintings some Toms. Toms are a great shoe made out of canvas, and for every pair the company sells, they donate a pair to a 3rd world child. Because I want to buy directly from the company, so a child also gets a pair, I need to save some money.

I mean, how awesome are these, a pair of painted toms I found online.

To raise money to pay for this and a few other projects I have lined up, I’m offering my very favorite piece up for sale. It’s titled “Effervescent.” It’s meant to convey a sense of the fearfully joyful moment of leaning off the precipice, and the joy of a new adventure. I love this piece so much I’ve turned down offers to buy it before, but I’m putting it up for sale. Who’d like to buy art, so I can make more art?

“Effervescent” 30×30″ acrylic on canvas


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