Pants Panic

I tried on a pair of pants that I’ve been a bit too big for today. They have gotten harder to fit into. In other news, I’ve been eating like a pig, hoping I’d gain no weight back and remain hovering 5 lbs from my goal weight. I was wrong. Pants panic means I must STOP EATING CRAP FOOD ALL DAY. I’m a stress eater. I am stressed. It’s  not great.

Prepping to move has been craaaazy! Last weekend, I took our dark and small looking new living room and revamped it with a new paint color. I am quite proud of myself, and offer you this advice: take off your rings when you paint. Otherwise you get a wedding ring blister above and below your band, and it hurt like holey moley.

You’ll have to forgive the patchy look, I couldn’t wait for it to dry before taking a picture. I think it really makes it look fresh and new. After housing a family of 8 for two years, the walls really needed help. A quick paint job definitely did the trick.

Aaron has been working every day to get the old house packed up, and I’ve been doing a lot of sniffling and panicking over utilities and are the boxes labeled properly and did you REALLY pack the video game I’d like to be playing right now?

The lack of video games means I’ve had time to paint a little something for my new dining room. Again, it’s not finished, but it made me so happy I had to snap an in progress picture.

In further adventures in prepping to move, we’ve put the boys in the same room together. I fear it’s made two sleepless nights for Aaron, as Caden and Riker are waking each other up and chatting, or crying, in the middle of the night. Since they need to share a room in the new house, I thought it would be better to bunk them together NOW, that way when we move, they are used to it. Plus I thought maybe in the new place they will keep each other company, and it won’t be so weird to be sleeping in a new place.

This weekend I am painting our bedroom in the new place from that same dark gray green to a very pale blue called “sweet slumber.” Aaron’s only comment on the paint chip name was “Thank God they didn’t name it INSOMNIA.” He thinks he’s very clever.

Now we are swapping utilities, trying to line up some help on moving day July 30th, and praying Aaron’s parents will be in town to help out with the boys so I can actually get the house set up before going back to work Monday.

My mom and sister arrive the weekend before we move, thanks goodness! Family always arrives at just the right time. We already have a solid weekend of fun planned, and I can hardly wait.

Maybe if I remembered to take time to blog on a more regular basis, I wouldn’t have to write these breathless posts. Excited to get to the new place, and sad to leave the house (and landlord) of the last 18 months.

I may console myself by getting digital cable. Then I can watch Dr. Who the night it’s on. That justifies it, right?

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