Big Day

I’ve been feeling ill for days. So ill that I’ve been going to bed at like, 7:30. Which is really early, even for me. Yesterday I got to work and Aaron notified me he’d been throwing up, and maybe could I come home?

Keep in mind that in the 7 years we’ve been together, I’ve never seen Aaron so sick that he couldn’t manage on his own. In that entire time, he’s never been to the doctor. He has the immune system and fortitude of a junk yard dog. So when he asked me to come home, I hightailed it home.

As soon as I walked in the door, I sent Aaron to bed, and changed into my sweats. In full on mom mode, I got the boys changed into fresh clothes and started to make them lunch. With Caden just finishing a Sesame Street while I was scrubbing the kitchen, I heard Aaron, in a very manly way, call me by my full name, which he never does unless I am in trouble, or danger. “Jennifer!” I ran to the stairs, “WHAT?!” Apparently that weird noise I’d been hearing was the tornado sirens going off.

Holy crap! With the tornado that flattened Joplin just to the south still fresh in our minds, we grabbed the kids, a bag Aaron had packed, and food and water and hit the basement. Caden was not amused to be taken away from Elmo, and Riker was pissed that we wouldn’t let him fling applesauce all around. Aaron, who was valiantly gathering engagement rings and camera gear and a paci whilst trying not to puke, did an amazing job holding it together. I bounced an angry baby while we watched the news, and eventually an hour later we were released.

I promptly sent Aaron back to bed, and eventually go the kids tucked in for bed before I collapsed myself. When your husband and kids are sick, it doesn’t matter how crappy you feel, you get this weird mom adrenaline thing. Well the adrenaline left as soon as the last person was tucked in to bed, and I barely made it to the couch before conking out.

Then, this morning when we woke up, the basement had flooded again. This was the first time it had flooded since the carpet was ripped out, so it’s clear the water is coming up from cracks in the floor. Also, the sump pump, which is located in Michaels’ room, had become somehow unplugged. Ugh. I scampered about and helped move furniture, and Aaron vacuumed up the water, and the basement is already dry. Wow I am glad we ripped out that carpeting. Jason, our awesome landlord, is sending a contractor to fix the foundation.

All in all: tornados, sick adults, vomit, flooding basements, disaster scenarios, unplugged sump pumps, me scampering about flinging sodden towels, wayyyy too much excitement for one 24 hour period.

Tomorrow: stories about my body fat percentage. Yikes. Big day!

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