Pacify Me.

Caden has loved his pacifier since day one.

Last night, I was hanging out with Aaron on the couch, having a post work out snack of m&m’s (don’t judge me) when I heard Caden yelling, “MOMMY! MOMMY. MOOOMEEEEEE!!!”

Being a good mother, I shoved some m&m’s into my face and went upstairs to see what was up.

When I got upstairs, it smelled in there a bit (turns out he needed a change, amongst other things) and he was holding up his paci, asking, “HELP-OH?”

Which is how he says help. I asked, “What do you need buddy?” Putting the poo-smell together in my head with the fact that he often holds out paci’s when he has tainted them with food or something else, I thought maybe he’d, gross, gotten poo on his paci.

Not wanting to touch a dirty pacifier, I turned on the light, and saw that there was nothing on it.

He’d just chewed a hole in it. That’s right, the clear plastic had a huge bite taken out of it, like a velociraptor had been in there, having a snooze with this little dino teeth.

We’ve noticed for a while that he’s been chewing on them, so we took them away except for naps and night time. Aaron has declared that Caden is a big boy, and maybe it’s time to take the pacifiers away.

Don’t ask me why, but this makes me so sad! And not just because bed time is going to be rough for a week. When I think pacifiers, I think of when my baby was small, and snuggly, and just wanted to sleep with his head tucked under my chin, one paci in his hand, and one in his mouth.

I guess growing up is hard for everyone. Wish all of us luck.

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