Back on the treadmill last night, and I ran for half an hour as part of my hour of cardio! Ran about 2.5 miles, kept the speed down to protect my foot. Just in case it decided to have a relapse. So far so good! I’m feeling a TON of all over body soreness this morning, which I haven’t felt in a long while. No arch pain. I’m glad for the soreness in general, because it means my body is noticing that I’m working out.

Ran over my current weights routine with Tranier Maria yesterday, and I will be upping my reps to 3 sets of 12, because I want cut arms. Not literally cut, like sliced, but clearly delineated musculature.

I spent my break yesterday eyeing swimsuits over at Who wants to buy me one!? Aaron saw them and loved them. He suggested I check out the site. He did not go so far as to look at the prices. Hilarious.

I had plenty of time to appreciate how sore I was last night, as Caden kept waking in the middle of the night, screaming. Not a scared scream, or a bad dream scream, but a “HEY I AM VERY UNHAPPY THAT I’M ALONE IN THIS ROOM AND I HAVE THROWN OUT ALL MY PACI’S SO THAT YOU HAVE TO COME GET THEM AND PAY ATTENTION TO ME RIGHT NOW” scream. For me, it was annoying, for Aaron, who has to get out of bed to go tell him to calm down and go to sleep, it was exhausting.

We are taking any and all suggestions with dealing with night time tantrums. I think we are handling it the best way we can, but still, if any moms out there have experience I’d love to hear it.

I am currently in my office, drinking coffee and listening to my Violin Pandora station until it’s time to start working. Sometimes getting ready take a full hour and a half, sometimes not so much. Today was one of those days that my getting ready time and my commute went super fast. Rare, but nice. Gives me a chance to get some sugar and caffeine in my system. Or, as I call it, friendly juice!

There are several large corporations and many small businesses immediately adjacenet to the area that I work in. You know what we don’t have up here? A coffee shop. Anywhere. None. I’m begging someone, put a coffee shop with Roasterie quality espresso up here in North KC.

I am genuinely debating buying a small espresso machine for my desk, and keeping milk in the fridge and syrups in my desk drawer, and charging my co-workers for lattes.  As my friends will attest, I make a good latte.

That would help us all run better, don’t you think?

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