Ugh. I ate a brownie. I’ve really wanted it for a few days, so I spent some weekly points on one at lunch time. Now I feel sick. Maybe my body is just getting to the point that it doesn’t tolerate a big wad of junk food anymore. Which is good, I guess. I feel like I swallowed a sock.

I shall cleanse myself with apples, and carrots, which are my afternoon snacks.

Sometimes it is nice to be able to be honest. Both with yourself and others. Honestly is the only real open communciation. If you aren’t being honest, you aren’t being open.

Honestly? It’s getting hard to stay motivated to eat well. I’m within 10 pounds of my goal, I’m the size I wanted to be in clothes, and I can run the goal I wanted to run. The only goal that eludes me is my actual physical weight. Everything else is right where I wanted to be. I’m having a hard time staying motivated to shed these last ten pounds.

It was easier to work out and eat well when I felt bad about how I looked. Now I buy clothes and think, “weee!” and don’t really care if I eat a brownie at lunch.

I confess, I’m starting to lose motivation now that I can’t shame myself with *insert blubbery body part here.*

Here in a few pounds, I’ll start dialing down my workouts ever so slightly, and work more on maintaining my weight, as opposed to trying to shed as much as is healthy, as quickly as I can.

Next monday Jenn Sansom and I are trying a new dojo I found, and will be taking gojo-ryu classes. Which from the description sound very similar to my shinki-ryu japanese jujitsu classes that I LOVED. This dojo lets you try a weeks classes free, and that may be all I do, because monthly membership there is 95 a month. Which is a lot, considering I’m already paying 25/mo for a gym membership.

I’d also still like to find a yoga studio I like. Stay motivated. Find new challenges…that’s the word today.

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