Weight Loss: Week 10, 10% Body Weight LOST!

Let’s start this thing out with some pics!

Bodacious Post-Baby Bod, 167 pounds

Current Week 10: 150 pounds

And now, the stats!

Pounds lost this week: 2.2
Pounds lost total: 17
Weeks to go until “goal finish date”: 6
Current weight: 150

Pounds to go until goal is reached: 10

This was a surprising week for me in the weight lossing (yes, not a real word). I went back to work full time this week, to IT land, which, if you’ve ever worked in IT you know, it’s snack land. Sitting in front of a computer for hours on end, in a fairly stress-filled job, makes munchies almost mandatory.

With a punishing new schedule of up at 6am, work 8-5, home at 5:30, play with the kids, give baths and tuck them into bed at 6:45, then head straight to the gym for 1.5 hours (on average), come home, shower off, go to sleep rinse repeat, I was pretty darn sore and burnt out by Friday. I’d often lay on the floor with a kid crawling on me and think, “I just can’t go to the gym. I’m just too tired.”

Then I would stop, and think, “If I lay here, I’m not going to accomplish my goal. I am getting up right now. If I fail at reaching 140 by my goal date, I want no regrets. I want to know I ate right every single day, and didn’t skip a single trip to the gym. If I don’t make it, I want to know its’ not because I didn’t try as hard as I could.”

And then, off I’d go.

Snacks at work are more than prolific. They are everywhere. In desk drawers, in the fridge, on the counter. Vendors bring bags of popcorn. There are two bakeries in walking distance. For someone with a food addiction, it’s a nightmare. I’ll be emailing trainer Maria as soon as I am done here for some strategies to beat being stressed, tired (my triggers) and surrounded with junk.

I worked out as hard as I could this week, bumping up the amount of strength training I did because the days I took off from the gym forced my schedule to go all screwy. I’m seeing a real difference in the amount of weight I can curl, and press. I do enjoy having biceps. Those handy little muscles. Oh and calves! I do like my legs. Painful punishing lunges and step ups while holding huge weights pays off in the leg category.

We even had a bonus work out day, when flooding forced us to empty our basement, scootch the remaining heavy furniture around, and rip up all our carpet, matting and tack-boards. It didn’t take long, but it was certainly hard work.

At 150 I’ve now lost 10% of my body weight in just over two months. Whoah. It’s amazing to me that if you just get up and MOVE, and don’t eat much sugar or bread and monitor your intake of protein, YOU CAN LOOK DIFFERENT in no time at all! I mean, really 10 weeks in the grand scope is NO TIME.

I have ten pounds to go until my goal, and just about 7 weeks until my goal date of April 23rd depending on how you count. I need to lose 1.4 pounds a week until then in order to make my goal. At 150 pounds, I’m currently between a size 6 & 8 in dresses, between an 8 & 10 (depending on the brand) in pants and wearing a size medium t shirt, most of the time. I have a long torso, so sometimes large is mandatory if I don’t want to show my midriff, which I never, ever do.

I’ve started eyeing bathing suits that don’t look like full body wet suits, or dresses. I’ve been avoiding the pool for 2 years because of how I look in a swimsuit (someone, save that whale!!), and I adore sun and swimming. I can’t wait to go swimming and get nice and tan this year.

In 12 weeks, you could have a brand new body.

Also, accidentally wore two different shoes to the gym this morning. What a winner.

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3 thoughts on “Weight Loss: Week 10, 10% Body Weight LOST!

  1. Oh my holy pete. What happened to your butt?! No fair! I was supposed to have the cutest butt in this family! I need to go to the gym…

  2. I’ll tell you what happened to my butt. Lunges holding 24 pounds. Step ups holding 30. Running 2 miles a day+elliptical on 14 + two cycles of Tabata protocol on the bike. THATs what happened to my butt.

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