My kids love their paci’s, and I think it’s hilarious. Caden still screams with glee every time he finds one on a table or stuck in the couch. “PACIIIII!!!” he screams. Honestly, until he stops greeting them with such pure, unadulterated joy, I’m not even going to consider taking them away. Caden uses those normal pacifiers that make kids look like they are smiling all the time. When he was a baby, his cheeks were so big the paci would leave little marks that looked like big parentheses around his mouth. Cute.

Then there is Riker. Some nurse at the hospital, whom I would like to beat with a stick (not really), gave my son those Soothie pacifiers. The weird green ones where you can actually see inside their mouths like they are some sort of weird sea creature. It’s disturbing, but that’s not why I hate them.

I strongly dislike those soothie pacifiers for this reason: they bounce, then roll. Really far and really fast. You’ll find them 9 feet away under a couch, or between appliances. They are almost impossible to locate. Aaron actually had to call me from work today because of all the 5 paci’s he has, they have all dissapeared. And no Captain Soothie will not use Caden’s pacifiers. Naptime was apparently challenging today.

Oh the problems of a stay-at-home dad. Looks like part of date night will be buying new paci’s.

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