Weight Loss: Week Eight!

Let’s start this thing off like we always do, with the week one and current week pics!

Week One: 167 pounds

Week 8: 155.4 pounds

And now, the stats!

Pounds lost this week: .6
Pounds lost total: 11.6
Weeks to go until “goal finish date”: 8
Current weight: 155.4

This was a good and bad week. Bad news first: It was my birthday, and I enjoyed it. I didn’t pig out, but I did enjoy my chocolate birthday cake, and a cocktail, and a couple dinner’s out. I also went to a tapas restaurant, where we ate several plates of small nibblies, and I didn’t even try to track how many point each little morsel was. Goat cheese crepes were not in the weight watchers database, unfortunately. Bad news is I probably lost track of my points this week, and couldn’t really get an accurate count, and therefore most definitely ate more than I should have. But it was my birthday week, and I enjoyed it.

Knowing that I was most likely not going to be able to accurately track birthday week food, I went to the gym 6 days this week instead of my normal 5. Unfortunately, I was plagued earlier in the week by what I am pretty sure was sheer exhaustion, and while I did go to the gym, I definitely didn’t give it as much energy and verve as normal. I had been up a bunch every night with the kids, and I was so tired I felt like I had mono. My mom, who was visiting, took the time to stay up with Riker so I could only have to get up with Caden, and I felt much better after a few nights of relatively uninterrupted sleep, but my workout effectiveness definitely suffered.

The good news is, I busted out all my old, pre-Caden (yes the clothes I wore before my oldest was born) work clothes in preparation for going back to work full time next week. All of the pants are size 8’s. All of the jackets (which I don’t need at this job, but unpacked anyway) are size 4 or 6. Expecting to have to go out and buy some size ten pants and some sweaters, I decided to just try the old stuff on and see how far away I was from comfortably buttoning it all.

It all fit. With the exception of my Express trousers (Express is made for skinny 20 somethings whose hips have never birthed a child) they all fit comfortably. I can get into and button my Express pants, but they are pretty tight in the caboose region. I can’t believe I am back in size 8 pants! Talk about a killer-awesome birthday present!

Mom brought a new weight lifting workout from trainer Maria, with an emphasis on core work as well. Time to tighten up that weird doughy region of skin above my c-section scar. This means I’ll now be doing quite a few exercises using a stability ball instead of a weight bench. It’s hard, and it works, which is what I’m looking for.

Of course I’ll keep going with Weight Watchers and I’m determined to get my 5 full hours of above target heart rate cardio this week. I’m a little concerned about meeting my goal weight, 140, by my goal date, April 23rd, so it’s time to step it up! Literally. I do a lot of step ups now. Holding weights. Ow/Awesome.

When I hit 140, my favorite photographer is taking me out for a photo shoot at the Nelson-Atkins art museum. I’m so excited. I need to find a black evening gown to borrow. Something tells me that might be tough.

For those who’ve been asking: I work out at the View, which is 23.25 a month if you are a Grandview resident. I do Weight Watchers online, which has a great iPhone app and is super easy to use, and it’s 50ish for the first three months, (it’s a package bonus deal for signing up online) and then 25 per month after that.

Is 50 dollars a month worth it to learn how to eat right and exercise in a way that actually does something? TOTALLY WORTH IT. Aren’t the pictures proof?

Here is a bonus pic of my gassed, sweaty face at the gym today. It’s not all glamour folks. Hey and this is so do-able. You could totally do this. You just have to want to.

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