For those of you that missed the several facebook memo’s, I’m going back to work full time next week. This bring about some conundrums, the first of which is, I’m still nursing Riker 4 times a day.

Now my work is amazing about giving me time to pump and a nice, quiet, private place to do so. Honestly though, after almost a year of nursing around the clock, it would be nice to move on. He’s eating solids and likes the idea of cups, in general. The problem being, Riker will not drink out of anything except the real deal. Since Aaron, who will be the stay at home dad from now on, lacks a functioning set of the “real deal” this brings about the dilemma: Teaching Riker to drink from cups.

He has never taken a bottle, but thinks Caden’s sippy cups are cool. Those sippy cups are too large for him to lift so he just ends up sucking on the lid, or sometimes, the bottom of the cup. I bought him sippy cups with the same type of top, but smaller and with little handles, and decided now is the time to learn to drink out of them. I bought some goats milk, which I think is far and away better than formula for little tummies, and let him have a go at the new cup at breakfast. He thought the cup was great. Not sure if his opinion of the goats milk was as positive, but he seemed to drink a bit.

I figured I’d try and teach him to drink out of the cup now, and wean him down to just a morning and evening nursing, which is what I’ll be able to do while working full time. That will make it easier on me as weaning your child is incredibly emotional, and there are going to be enough emotions flying around as I leave my boys home to go back to work. We had minor success at breakfast. At his before nap feeding though, he screamed bloody banshee murder and nuzzled my chest. Since Caden was also screaming bloody banshee murder, I caved and just nursed him.

Honestly, he’s close to a year old. He can handle a cup. I’d warm the milk up, but our stove is broken and I don’t want to microwave it. I’d give him warmed up breast-milk instead, but I’d rather save the liquid gold to give him when he’s sick.

Maybe I’ll just keep nursing up until the last second, and let Aaron deal with teaching him the whole cup thing.

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