Weight Loss: Week 6

Here we are at week 6 already! Wowzers. Time flies when you’re losing weight? That’s the saying, right? Let’s kick it off with some pictures!

Week One: 167 pounds

Current Week, Week 6: 157.6lbs *Bonus, check out my awesome new Dr. Who t-shirt.

And now, the stats!

Pounds lost this week: .8
Pounds lost total: 9.4
Weeks to go until “goal finish date”: 10
Current weight: 157.6

This means in order to reach my goal of 140 pounds by April 23rd, I need to average a weekly weight loss of: 1.7 pounds.

This was not the best week for weight loss. I’ve been pretty stressed, because, you know, life and stuff. Then, a massive blizzard hit my area, meaning I missed two days at the gym, and my favorite class. I got out and shoveled snow to try and compensate, but I don’t think it was quite the same. My in-laws were also in town, which meant a lot of eating out, which is super hard to accurately gauge how much I am eating. Not making excuses or passing blame, but when there is Olive Cafe baba ganoush in front of you, it’s a bit tough to guess how much is 1/4 cup.

That’s ok though! I still lost almost a pound, which is forward progress. This week I’ll be focusing on coping with stress a little better. I’ve been allowing myself to spend some points on m&m’s in the evenings. I think I am going to try and find another “treat” as perhaps my m&m measuring has gotten a little lazy. Then again, this could just be an off week. Who knows.

At the gym this week I began to really try and push myself more on the cardio machines. You know those people that just kinda cruise on the machine? Yeah well that ain’t me. I’m aiming for sweating, heavy breathing, almost can’t talk exertion. Time to burn that waist goo from around my middle! You don’t get a good fat burn by just sitting on the machine and hoping it works. You have to try hard!

I was a bit dissapointed to not have broken the ten pound loss mark this week, especially since I only missed it by about a half a pound. I’ve been weight lifting long enough now that it’s time to up my weights, and add another set! A good gauge of if you’re lifting the right weight is: is the last rep of every set really hard? Like you can barely finish? Then you’re lifting the correct amount. If you can cruise through your weight sets, you aren’t lifting enough.

This upcoming week’s goal is to up my weights and cardio intensity, watch my sugar intake a bit better, and hopefully lose two entire pounds, to try and make up what I didn’t lose this week. Gotta stay on track so I can be 140 pounds by Riker’s first birthday! That’s the goal-date folks!

Very excited to be comfortably back in my size ten jeans.

This eat less, move more thing really does pay off! And if I can do it with two kids, two jobs, and crazy busy life, so can you. I know it. As always, my thanks to Trainer Maria for her help, check out her website at myactivenutrition.com!

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