Weight Loss: Week 5

Here we are on week 5 of my weight watchers/5 days a week at the gym weight loss plan! Let’s start out with some pictures!

Week One: 167 pounds

Here is our current week, Week 5: 158.2 pounds

And a Bonus Picture: Tricep definition!

This has been a very exciting week, as you can tell from the big grin on my face!

Now for the stats!

Pounds lost this week: 2.8
Pounds lost total: 8.6
Weeks to go until “goal finish date”: 11
Current weight: 158.4

* I am now only 6.4 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight! And in only 4 weeks of serious diet and exercise! W00t!

This means in order to reach my goal of 140 pounds by April 23rd, I need to average a weekly weight loss of: 1.6 pounds.

I’m pretty proud of this week. For the record, almost three pounds is actually losing a little bit too much weight in one week. I’m pretty sure it’s water retention related, as I drank about 64 ounces of water last night before bed. In my experience, the more water I drink, the more water weight I flush out. It might kinda be a bit skewed, but I stood on my scale three different times in three different places on my floor, so who’s to say?

I did work really hard on my cardio this week, fulfilling my goal to do 5 complete hours (300 minutes) of cardio. I’m now running 5.0 miles/hour on the treadmill, which is really exciting, as I’ve always been a terrible runner. My lungs and heart always felt like they were going to explode. I read some online runners forums about how to get your breathing in sync with your pace, in order to help you go farther. Another big thing for me has been “don’t fear the feeling of a stitch in your side.” I always feel them coming on, and panic, which immediately makes them worse. Or I try to breathe too deep to compensate, and I end up ironically not getting enough air. Breathing has a lot to do with how well you run. Also not swinging your arms like an idiot helps a lot.

This week I also discovered some muscle definition appearing in my arms, which makes me very happy. I’m continuing to baby a sore shoulder, so no shoulder presses for me. I wish they had more evening Zumba classes with the teacher I like, but alas, they do not.

My new Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10 running shoes came, and wow, I really needed some new shoes. What a difference they make when I’m running! What was painful impact on my knees is now a thing of the past. Thank goodness, because my knees and ankles needed the help!

On the food side of things, I’ve falled in love with Archer farms tortilla chips, the lowest calorie, best flavor tortilla chip I’ve tried yet, and that includes Whole Foods 365 Brand. Archer Farms is Target’s store brand. Costco also carries a really tasty, 3 point a piece chicken sausage that I sautee and serve over steamed broccoli, which has been a great lunch. I’ve bought an eggplant, and it’s withering in my fridge while I try to figure out what to do with it. I lack key ingredients for most eggplant recipe’s, so I guess we shall see what comes of it.

I want to clarify again why I am doing these weight loss blog posts. It’s not to brag, or be like, look at me! Instead, it’s to share the tips and tricks and information and tasty recipe’s I’m accruing, to make your road to healthier you a little bit easier. I’m putting up the pictures as accountability for myself, and to show that eating less and moving more really is the only long term, sustainable plan that works, and works well.

I’ve reached my first goal reward, which was a pedicure when I broke 160. I think it’s going to have to wait until we get our tax return, but oh what a glorious pedicure it will be! Until next week my friends, for I now must go and change out of my seriously sweaty gym clothes.

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4 thoughts on “Weight Loss: Week 5

  1. Thanks so much Erika! Did you enjoy the bonus tricep definition picture?

    The funny thing is, my arms have always seemed skinny to me. But now that they are skinny, I find myself admiring my own biceps whilst blow drying my hair. Then I realize that I’m doing, and snort, because checking out your own biceps is silly.

  2. I always lift in a certain corner of the weight room so I can watch my back in the mirrors while I do shoulder presses. It’s awesome, not silly!

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