Stairs, Sleep and Sore

Yesterday both Riker and I managed to fall down the stairs. Once for me, while holding him, and twice on his own. The problem is you can’t gate our stair way successfully. After fall number 3 I jammed a gate in there and crammed Aaron’s old video game magazines into the gap. Which worked until Caden came and pushed the gate over for Riker, so he could climb back up the stairs.


He was pretty sad in the morning, but in the afternoon he managed to be his normal happy faced self. Here’s proof.

In better news, I slept through the night for the first time in about 3 months last night. Aaron gave Riker a big bowl of banana and oatmeal right before bed. Praise that man.

Aaron fed him because I was at the gym, dragging myself through my work out. I don’t know if I just didn’t eat enough for dinner or what, but I was really tired. Pushed through it though, and felt awesome on the other side. Nothing like accomplishing goals! Between the stair tumbling and the long work out I am SORE today.

My trainer, Maria, has put up an awesome post on her blog today about fitness for new moms. You should definitely check it out, just click here !

I want you to know, since I was asked this on facebook the other day: I don’t “get anything” for trumpeting to the interweb about how great Maria is. I just am that thankful for her skills and generosity of spirit. She’s truly “for” me, and is very encouraging and uplifting, and a literal FOUNTAIN of information about everything from popping shoulder noises to do I need new shoes? And, you don’t have to live in Issaquah to benefit from her knowledge. She also offers training via technology; skype, email and the phone! I’ve lost 6 pounds in just under a month. Do you need more proof that having a trainer is totally worth it?

Today I have a mountain of baby clothes to pack up and put away. We’ll see how far I get while the boys are napping. Tonight is Zumba, and lunch is leftovers.

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