Weight Loss: Week 4

This week, the doom of PMS was against me. But like all women who have a shopping spree ahead of them, I prevailed! Here are the week 1 and current week’s pictures, for your viewing enjoyment.

Week One:

And the Current Week’s Pictures, Week 4!

And now for the stats!

This week I didn’t lose any inches, anywhere. Which wasn’t a terrible surprise, as I do believe I probably have some cyclical water retention fighting against me this week. I’m trying not to be discouraged. It’s all good because, I did manage to lose 1.6 pounds this week! Very very exciting. So here are the current statistics:

Pounds lost this week: 1.6
Pounds lost total: 5.8
Weeks to go until “goal finish date”: 12
Current weight: 161.2lbs

This means in order to reach my goal of 140 pounds by April 23rd, I need to average a weekly weight loss of: 1.7 pounds.

Like I said, no changes in measurements this week, but that’s ok. 1.6 pounds is still quite the loss when you’re also building muscle, so I’m trying not to be discouraged that the stupid fat on my thighs doesn’t seem to be budging.

The big challenge this week was dreaded PMS. I have the worst munchies I have ever had in my entire life. Ever. (Drama Queen much?). I didn’t slip up on my Points though, and I resisted the urge to join my co-workers in a pierogi (a fried dumpling filled with meat, potato and cheese) lunch on Friday. I did lower my head on to my desk and whimper while they talked about it though.

Knowing that the food craving was biology based actually made it easier to resist. I could say to myself, “am I legitimately hungry, or is this rampant PMS?” If I was legitimately hungry, I’d have a snack like broccoli with salt, or tortilla chips dipped in greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is my new favorite substitute for sour cream.

My big accomplishment this week is two fold. One, I broke the 5 pound mark! Hooray! I’m very happy with this, and I’m super encouraged that the results have been quickly visible. My second big accomplishment was I can now run a 13 minute mile! Not bad for someone who 3 weeks ago wasn’t running or doing any cardio what so ever! I’m thrilled, and that’s why I’m the only person on the treadmill with a huge grin on her face.

I’d like it if my torso-fat would disappear faster, but genetics are against me on that one. It’s going to be the last fat to go, I betcha. This week I’m going to focus on doing a full hour of cardio 5 times a week. Sometimes I do about 45 minutes then want to go home and hang out with Aaron. 5 hours of cardio this week, and weights every other day. That’s the idea.

Also, I think I need new shoes. My three year old running shoes are in need of replacing. Think that will have to wait for our tax return to come in, cuz money is tight ya’ll and shoes are pricey.

I can’t tell you enough how good it feels to be getting healthy. Note I did not say skinny. Skinny is awesome, but running a mile in 13 minutes without barfing is way better. I dare you to try and add in just 20 minutes of some sort of cardio 3 days this week. Bet you feel way better. BETCHA!

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