Last night was a weight night at the gym, so I got there and started with ten minutes of warm up cardio on the elliptical. I prefer to run, but the gym is packed at night, so I had to go with the options that were open to me.

Then, I got out my little post it note with my weights workout on it, copied from an email by Trainer Maria and got right into it. Unfortunately, most of the machines were in use, so I ventured into the free weights area to do the same exercises using free weights.

Unfortunately (fortunately?) the free weight area at night is also known as Train to be a Beefcake Night. OR, Train to be an Extra on Oz. It’s a bunch of dudes. BIG dudes. Big sweaty dudes. Mostly sitting around “resting” in between sets. I just try to find a place near the mirror and the girly weights and bust through my routine as fast as possible. Just don’t let them smell your fear.

Actually I’m exaggerating. They are all very nice and generally smile and try not to look like they are thinking about bench pressing you. Still…

I went through all my weights, which takes about half an hour if you super set (going swiftly from one exercise to the next without sitting around a bunch between sets) and tried to decide what to do for my half hour of cardio.

I saw that a Zumba class (look it up on the youtubes) was starting, so I thought I’d go for it. It was me and about 30 other women, mostly older than me, and I felt pretty in shape. Then the class started. Wow. As a post-weights cardio workout, I was gassed pretty quickly. The fun thing about a class though is you see a lot of …women who aren’t as in shape as you….doing the same workout and you think, “If they can keep going, so can I.” So I danced and salsaed and merengued my way through 45 minutes of side stitch, heart exploding cardio. Zumba is essentially ballroom dance turned into high impact aerobics and the dancer in me had a really good time. It was actually really fun! I’m definitely going again.

I came home really sore, ate half a chicken breast as a snack, and watched some tv with Aaron. Good workout day!

Now I am sitting here waiting for the boys to fall asleep. For the first time in a long time, nap time is not going well. Go to sleep kids! I have crazy hair and need a shower!

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