Nifty Gifties

I am currently wheezing and hacking my way through my morning at work. I really love being able to come and work on the weekends, even though I am sick and would also enjoy being in my bed. I love my job at a secret and unnamed jewelery company that has a search engine for when people mention it’s name on the internet in blogs or other documents.

Shh. Secrets.

Speaking of secrets, it’s almost time to do one of my favorite things: give Aaron presents. He wasn’t much of a holiday guy when we got married. Not that he’s a grinch, he just didn’t really think they were a big deal.

He was so, so wrong.

Christmas (and really, all gift giving holidays) was a big deal in my house growing up. Christmas pajamas on Christmas eve, bundling into the car in our jammies to go look at Christmas lights. Special Christmas breakfast casserole, stockings, then gifts after breakfast had been eaten. I remember when I was old enough to pre-heat the oven, so I could get up super early, preheat the oven, and we didn’t have to wait for mom to get up and shower, THEN preheat the oven. It really cut down the time between breakfast and gifts.

Now please, don’t get me wrong. I’m not all “let’s forget about God and just get stuff.” I just really adore gifts, both receiving and giving them. ADORE. LOVE. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Gifts are nifty. They’re nifty gifties.

This year I went totally nuts buying presents for Aaron. He’s just so much fun, and I love spoiling him. I can hardly wait to see his face Christmas morning. I bought some fun little things for the boys, and even though they can’t read, I don’t feel right about spoiling it before the big day.

I just love presents.

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