My Son’s Obsession

My son is obsessed. It’s the second word out of his mouth in the morning, as he hopefully looks up at me from under his mile long eye lashes.


I usually laugh and kiss his cheeks and say, yes, Elmo. He loves loves loves loves loves Sesame Street. I own 5 seasons, because the thirteenth time I watched that one episode, much as I do love it, I felt like I was going to tear my hair out.

When one episode ends, (and he knows when it’s going to end) he always does this little hop-footed dance and asks “ELMO ELMO ELMO?!” When I inevitably say no, and suggest we read or play blocks, he cries. Sobbing, he points to his face and yells, “HAPPY! HAPPY!” and snots all over the place. This is because we’ve often withheld things he is angrily demanding until we see a “happy face.” This has led him to sob and flail whilst yelling, “happy!!!!” and pointing to his wailing mouth. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad.

After a minute the sobs die down, and we play blocks or read a book for a while. I swear I will not be one of those parents who allow devices to parent for me (at least, not consistently). There is nothing more special than holding Caden in my lap, reading a book or playing with a toy. Especially when he looks up at me with that sweet smile and says, “Elmo?”

We watch a lot of Sesame Street.

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One thought on “My Son’s Obsession

  1. ransom likes diego; he doesn’t flip out about it yet, but he does say “day-go!” every time the red netflix screen pops up (we stream episodes… love that netflix.). i let him watch one or two episodes in the afternoon to help him wind down and to give me a little bit of time to take care of household things (like laundry, dishes, food prep for dinner, and getting myself dressed and decent for when darin gets home). we play together pretty much the rest of the day, so i don’t feel too bad about it, and the few minutes of him being quiet and still without a fight sure helps me maintain my sanity.
    i love that caden says “happy” to try to get his way… kids are so smart. : )

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