Our 5th Anniversary

Yesterday was the fifth anniversary of my wedding day. We had a marvelous day of all the things we love best, food, video games, kids, eachother, and more food. I was blessed to be able to go to my salon and have an incredibly relaxing and energizing facial, and get my hair done for fancy date night.

Here is our infantile and skinny selves 5 years ago, but first, a wedding picture disclaimer: The only way I could quickly get an image online was to take a pic of the original picture on my phone, hence the low quality. My photographer husband will have a minor heart attack when he sees that I just snapped a shot and dumped it onto the blog. I don’t have an hour to sit and watch him fink with things in photoshop. 🙂

We had an amazing dinner at Bluestem, a very wonderful restaurant in Westport. I knew it was going to be great, as I’d read the menu about 50 times. The Half Price Books around the corner was another signal of greatness. Aaron had a small stroke when the menu didn’t have any prices on it. He’s just not used to swank, as there is not much call for swankiness when you live in Kansas City. I ordered drinks, talked him down off the ceiling and the evening went on to be glorious, once I explained how a menu with courses works. I just kept saying things like, “pretend we are on Top Chef! This is Top Chef food!”

I mean, this place had amuse bouches for crying out loud. They don’t serve those at Chik-fil-A. My husband was made for expensive things, but he does insist on his down-home roots when in situations like menu’s with no prices.

It was a marvelous and memorable meal, at what I consider to be a reasonable price. We did three courses, and I did the dessert tasting menu. That means I had two courses of dinner and four courses of dessert. Don’t worry, the more courses the smaller the servings, so Aaron had one big dessert and I had four little ones. I ate things last night that were some of the best dishes I have ever had in my entire life, and I’ve eaten at some very nice restaraunts. They sent us out a special dessert course of Prosecco floats and petit fours. Divine.

The Lounge also has great food and a killer great happy hour, fyi for your next date night.

You really should go read the menu. It doesn’t even do the food justice. It was one of the top three meals I’ve ever eaten, and that wasn’t just the champagne talking. We did toast about a thousand times, to wonderful things like love and happy children and a lifetime of expensive meals and high heels. Because flat shoes are for quitters.

We then went to Half Price books, while exclaiming loudly about how amazing and beautiful our food had been and I bought a couple fantasy books I loved as a teenager.

I feel very blessed to have met Aaron. I certainly don’t deserve him. I always tell people two things about Aaron: He’s proof that God gives good gifts. And: I married him for his money. I really needed that ten bucks.

He’s made my life delightful for 5 years, and I can’t wait for 60 more. At the very least.

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