Worst Headache Ever

Yesterday I went without caffeine for the first time in almost two years. Riker has been rubbing his ears alot, which means he either has an ear ache or an actual ear infection. Since he’s not feverish, and doesn’t have any other symptoms, I’m trying to do some naturopathic stuff to help him. This includes things like, eucalyptus essential oil in his humidifier, peppermint oil on his little body, and no milk or sugar for me.

Such a simple sentence, such terrible ramifications.

I don’t sweat what I eat, usually, even if I am breastfeeding. I drink caffeine, no big deal. But, when your kids are in pain, you’ll try anything to help them feel better. SO. I only drink latte’s, which have milk. Black coffee makes me sick, and it tastes bad.

I knew that when I skipped my coffee yesterday I’d probably feel pretty terrible, so I started taking Tylenol as soon as I woke up.


By the time I went to bed last night, I could barely speak. My teeth hurt, my neck hurt, my eyeballs hurt. My mouth and tongue were swollen, so I kept biting my cheek and tongue. Light hurt my eyes, and sound was like needles in my temples. I was in so much pain I could barely stand up. I felt nauseous, I was dizzy.

All over one cup of coffee a day and a few kit kats. Whoah.

Today I’m feeling better. Still pretty tight in the shoulders, but I don’t want to hurl, and I can see.

The big bonus? Riker took a three hour nap, with one short awake interval for second lunch. If no caffeine means I get a three hour break during the day, then Goodbye Forever, Caffeine.

Seriously though, worst headache ever.

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