Eating Healthy is Bad for You.

I’ve been going to a lot of health food and whole food stores lately, demonstrating and sampling product for the amazing company I work for. I’ve been making a lot of observations about people who go to health food stores. Or work in them.

Invariably, the women in health food stores look tired, and really thin. I don’t think I’ve seen many robust or healthy people shopping for whole foods. It’s usually people who look like they need some sun, and a big sandwich. This could be for two reasons: these people are actually ill, and have turned to health foods/organics to get better, and are not better yet, hence the sickly look. Second: health foods are bad for you.

It’s probably neither of those.

The men that shop in whole foods stores usually look like Harrison Ford did in the Fugitive, before he cut his beard and shaved. They are usually in some stage of unshowered-ness, and wearing really short docker shorts with topsider shoes, looking like some sort of weird yuppie pirate. It’s disconcerting. On the other hand, the men usually look well fed, under all the scruff and wrinkled button downs. Maybe they are pirating the food from the women who are too waifish to fight back?

The children in health food stores look like extras from that book they made us read in high school, where all the kids had asthma, then ate each other. OOooo obscure literary reference!

I will say, I did buy an avocado at the Merc (the store I was at last weekend in Lawrence) that was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. And they had cake.

All in all, I’m not certain buying things that are organic is good for you. Maybe all the preservatives I eat will keep me looking young. Maybe it’s the high fructose corn syrup keeping my skin so soft.

I jest, mostly because with Michael living with us, I’m eating much better. He can’t really eat much of anything, due to some weird stomach issues, so we have a lot more produce and salad fixin’s on hand, and he shares. I ate goat cheese yesterday, and a big salad for lunch. Then before bed I had 6 reeses peanut butter cups, just to balance it out.

After all, I’m not convinced eating healthy food is good for you.

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