Culture in Every Bottle (not official SodaVie tag line)

The title is a pun on the fact that the soda my company makes is naturally carbonated. Nerd joke.

For those of you who are behind the times here at justeastofwest, I work for a natural soda company called SodaVie. You can find out all there is to know by following that link. It’s an awesome company, and I absolutely adore working there. I do everything I can, from scrubbing bottles (by hand, no dishwasher here, folks!) to juicing cucumbers, to peeling ginger. I use an oyster shucker, so it’s like working in the northwest! Except in the Northwest I would be using oyster shuckers on oysters, not gigantic farmer’s market ginger roots.

Beautiful blue Soda bottles.

I digress.

Today my friend and wife of one of the owners, Danielle Henry and I went to Natures Pantry, a local health food store. Danielle says, and I quote, “the best health food store in Kansas City.” I’d take statements like that from Danielle to the bank. That girl knows her stuff. We had a great time, handing out samples of three SodaVie flavors: Strawberry Lavender (the Lavender is from Washington state! just like I’m home!), Mojito (lime/mint) and, Cucumber. I had a fun time watching people react to a cucumber soda. Mostly it was a big hit! I like it, very refreshing.

At one point a little girl walked up with her mom, wearing her pink shirt, pink crocs, and pink pants, and we offered her a taste of our “pink” soda (the strawberry lavender). Her mom looked at her and said, “What do you ask?” Expecting her to say please, I looked at her expectantly, bottle poised in my hand. She looked up at me and asked in a very polite voice,

“Is this gluten free?”

I fought to keep a straight face at her precious little question, while Danielle offered her soda, affirming that it is indeed, gluten free.

Also, I have never seen more teva sandals and nature themed graphic tee’s in one place at one time before, ever.

All in all it was a marvelous few hours of hanging out with my friend, sampling the soda I love and MAKE, and talking to all-natural strangers.

One woman asked how I was enjoying being pregnant. I was on the way to the bathroom when it happened, and she cornered me with some marketing scheme after recognizing me from the soda booth, then topped off the conversation by asking, “Are you pregnant? Are you enjoying it?” Luckily I was on the way to a quiet place where I could put my forehead in my hands and shed a few private, frustrated tears.

Score for me: I didn’t smear my mascara. Sigh. No matter how many times I get asked, I just CAN NOT bring myself to make the person feel like the idiot they are for asking me that question. For the record, I’ve lost 21 pounds in 5 months while exclusively breastfeeding. Apparently though, it’s not coming off my stomach.

Soon. Soon belly fat I shall eradicate you like you’re the plague and it’s the Age of Enlightenment!!! Soon my mortal enemy, your time will come!!!!

But let’s not let that woman spoil our lovely blog post. She sucks for asking me that.

I have some fun pictures of our soda and Danielle refilling the cooler (because we were selling so much, because we rock) but my silly phone is having mental issues tonight. I’ll post them on facebook as soon as I can.

If you’re local, come try SodaVie at Big City Hotdogs, Blanc, B2 in Lee’s Summit, Nature’s Pantry or my house. I usually have some on hand. 🙂

Good Day.

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