Halo: Reach, Cute Single Girls, Food that Won’t Make You Fat, Newest Fashions.

Hah. I tricked you. This blog post has nothing to do with halo, or girls, or non fattening foods. I just wanted to see how many seach engine hits I could get if I put Halo in the title.

No further mentions shall be made concerning any of those things. Tricksy me.

I am feeling squirrelly because I didn’t really sleep much last night, due to babies insisting on turning out house into the nocturnal exhibit at the zoo. No babies, it’s night time, go to sleeps! I should never have opened my fat mouth and told people my kids always sleep through the night. Riker hasn’t slept through the night since then. Bumm-ER.

Eventually they went to sleep. The Lord was very kind to me today, giving me some great Bible verses to read, and keeping the kids calm, happy and easily entertained. Sometimes even little presents are the best ones.

I’ve been taking showers at night for the sole reason that it’s quiet, and I can be alone. I don’t know why it’s so peaceful to shower in the almost dark when the kids are asleep. Perhaps it’s knowing that I don’t have to rush. As a mom you rush through a lot of things in order to be available to help kids. Eating, sleeping, getting dressed. It’s nice not to have to rush through some things, especially when they concern my hair.

I’m still adjusting to my new contacts. I can only wear them for a few hours a day, which is still better than none hours a day. They feel really thick, and my distance vision sucks. Driving also: not so awesome with contacts. I shall talk to the optometrist and see if I have any options. I like seeing my face without glasses though. Kind of a treat.

This afternoon I sanitized a large amount of blue sodavie bottles, and chatted with one of the Bosses. I’m going to start learning more about the process, and doing more soda tasting, which is really what I’m interested in, so that’s very exciting. It’s been a while since I’ve done a job I really enjoy, so this is all sorts of fun for me. Plus it gets me out of the house talking to other adults. Bonus.

Tomorrow is taco Tuesday with some really good friends, and I am very much looking forward to it. Good friends are such a balm to the soul. Same goes for good tacos.

I believe I will take the boys for a walk in the morning, as I sorely need some exercise, as I feel flabby and toxic from too many m&m’s and not enough sleep and salads. I’ve just been waiting to go outside until it’s not so frakkin’ hot.

For now though, it’s time for quiet shower time.

Tomorrow: Halo:Reach, Big Bang Theory Season 3, and taco’s with Joanna and Tyler. Epic Epic Epic win.

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