In Which I Catch You Up

I can barely type this morning, as the muscles of my right fore arm are tighter than a forehead of a Real Housewife of Orange County. Why? Because yesterday I began working part time for the great guys over at SodaVie. For those of you out of the loop, or not in Kansas City, these guys make real, small batch, nano brewery, local grown soda and kombucha.

Which means zesting and juicing a lot of limes. By hand. I also zested my thumb about a billion times, then got lime juice in it. I loved every second.

I drove there in my new Highlander. My new WHAT? Yeah, that’s right, I have a new (very gently used) car. This is the car that if you found it on ebay, you’d weep over what an amazing deal it is, and you’d be clicking Buy It Now so fast you’d get instant carpal tunnel.

We have two great guys staying with us right now, Michael Carr, and Alex Westad. Alex is incredibly kind and quiet and comes equipped with a tiny glass jar of loose leaf tea, a jar of raw honey, and a silver teaspoon. I mean silver. PS He’s from Washington, so he traveled here with a kit that would make a genuine englishman proud.

Michael brought an entire cooler full of supplements, an iPad that he lets us play with, and his also kind and quiet demeanor. They are perfect houseguests. They buy food at Whole Foods, so my house smells wealthy right now. And healthy. It’s nice, because it reminds me of home.

I’m debating taking the long trek back to Japanese jujitsu. We shall see how that works out with me working at SodaVie. I can’t really just high five Aaron every day on his way out the door. Nor do I want to. The thinner I am the more it’s going to help me working, because that kitchen over at SodaVie, like all kitchens, is narrow. My ballet skills are coming in handy, as there are many obstacles to negotiate.

I hope to not zest my thumb anymore.

Aaron shoots a wedding very soon, Caden is approaching 2 years old faster than I can believe, and Riker might grow up to be a singer. He has the most delicious cooing noises.

Instead of going back to sleep when I got up to feed Riker at 6, I got up, got dressed, and came down here to blog. I’m so glad I did, because the sunrise is beautiful today.

Let us make a toast: Here here, to a day where kids are calm, naps are long, and snacks are delicious. May we all feel the presence of God, and hear at least one awesome joke.

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