Sunday Sunday Sunday!

Well we made it to the new church yesterday, but it was a heckuva trip!

When we left the house it was looking rather ominous outside, very dark and lightning in the farrrr distance. But the weather channel had predicted only a 30% chance of rain, so, no big whoop.

Now I’ve driven through just about every type of weather you can imagine. Even the strong storms here don’t scare me, because I learned to drive in Seattle, where I took my driver’s test in a monsoon.

When we got about 5 minutes down the freeway, It Hit. Horizontal rain and hail, winds that had to be around 50mph, and zero visibility. Not a little, Zero. As in, we could not see the road outside our car windows. We, and the pack of 10 cars we’d been traveling in, came to a dead stop under an overpass and waited. At one point the car started rocking so badly in the wind, I was trying to figure out how to climb in back with the kids, so I could be with them when we got blown off the road. I’m not kidding.

Finally we pulled off the freeway to debate what to do, as the new church we were going to is about a half hour away from our house. We decided to plow onwards, mostly because the lack of car movement was annoying our eldest, who was beginning to shriek. Heading downtown, we passed numerous cars that had been blown or hydroplaned off the road. Rain persisted, but so did we!

Instead of taking our proper exit, we exited the freeway early, in order to get some very much needed coffee for our frazzled caffeine deprived selves. When we got off the freeway, we noticed all of the lights were out, and people were driving like Mad Max in Waterworld.

Some of the intersections were so flooded, we were driving through a couple of feet of standing water. It was really scary to feel the water hitting the underside of the car.

We finally got to Broadway cafe, desperate for coffee, only to be told their storm sewer was backing up into the cafe. And Broadway cafe sits at the top of a hill. Whoah.

Then, my magic phone told us they church we were going to was 5 blocks away from it’s actual physical location (maybe the tiny alien running the satelite has Sunday’s off?) so we made several stressed out phone calls to Tracie Loux, who set aside her fevered, spewing children to patiently explain to us where we were going. Thanks sis.

I jumped out with Riker, who at this point was Super Pissed, and Aaron went to park the car.

Bridgeport was really great. It’s a warehouse converted into a church/art gallery. They look like a professional gallery, with a church in the middle and kids ministry upstairs. Aaron went and plunked Caden into Sunday school, his first time ever. I tried not to worry about him. The people were so genuinely friendly. A beautiful long haired girl in skinny jeans and a soft gray top opened the door for me, cooed over Riker, even dried off my glasses while I juggled His Royal Highness, Hater of the Car Seat. We knew a ton of people there already, and people we didn’t know came up and chatted, and were very genuinely glad to meet new people.

A guest speaker spoke, and it was fun to sit in church and listen to a pastor again.

When we finally made it home we were a band of hungry folks, but I’m really glad we braved the storm, the stress, and the lack of coffee. Next week also, I will bring more snacks.

In other news, I am somehow covered in bug bites, and so is Caden. Poor little dude. Poor me, these stupid things itch.

Today I am dressed, showered, clean matching clothes and clean hair by 7am. I even have eye liner on. go me!

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