Wow, this is a busy life, with two boys! Well, three if you count the biggest boy, the husband. Though he is very helpful and isn’t in diapers. So I’ll just count the two littlest ones.

Today the in-laws head back to Kentucky, ending the 3 week period where I have had help at the house during the day. This makes every day tasks, like peeing and taking a shower and sleep, very tricky indeed. Rolling solo is no piece of cake, and every day my heart goes out to single parents who do this alone ALL THE TIME. I just can’t imagine life without Aaron, especially now that we have kids.

Aaron made mother’s day awesome, with Roasterie coffee, taking the kids to the park, Dean and Deluca dessert, a nap, and as a joke, a heart shaped pendant. You have to watch The Office to get that one, but basically it’s a joke that no woman buys heart shaped jewelery for herself, because it’s hideous. He also wrote me a sweet card, and was generally awesome.

Today I am solo with the kids, and trying to get us in some sort of routine. At least as much of a routine you can have with a 2 week old and a 18 month old that just wants to drool on the computer. So far so good…

Here’s how this morning went:

7am- Caden is waking up in his crib, loudly demanding to be removed from his jail, with screeching.
7am- Riker is waking up, loudly demanding food, NOW.
7am- I wonder if I put a pillow on my head it will just make them go back to sleep?

7:01- I roll out, take the Riker support supplies (changing pad, diapers, paci, blanket to lay on, nursing pads, burp rags) down to the living room.
7:02- I get Caden out of his crib, change his diaper and peed on pants, put him in clothes that will keep him warm because it’s freezing in our house, due to unseasonably crappy weather.
7:04- Riker is now going Chernobyl, and I rush him down stairs and get set up nursing, while Caden quietly (praise the Lamb) reads himself some books.
7:30- Riker finishes up nursing, Caden helps me change Riker’s diaper by running around with a diaper in hand, saying “RA RA RA RA.”
7:32- I lay Riker down on the sofa, and get Caden set up with some peanut butter toast and milk whilst eyeing Riker, who is squiggling around on the sofa.
7:35: I start some food for myself, and pray I get to eat it because I am HUNGRY.
7:40- I eat some very hot cereal very rapidly, gulp some milk, whilst eyeing Caden who is ignoring his toast and licking the bib he has removed from around his neck.
7:45- I unload the VERY FULL dishwasher while Caden is still trapped in his high chair, because he likes to help with the knives.
7:50- Caden yells ALL DONE, and we run upstairs to brush our teeth and put on day time comfie pants (me) and socks (him) because it’s freezing in this houe.
7:52- Caden runs downstairs with my hair brush in hand, and promptly tries to brush little brother’s sleeping head with it. Hard. Brother sleeps, I try to explain we don’t rap little brother on the head with the metal round brush.
8:00- Riker snoozes on the couch, while Caden tries to poke his eyebrows and I write a blog post while listening to the prayer room webstream.

And it’s not even 9am yet. Aaron gets home at 3. Hoping I can sneak a shower somewhere in there.

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I'm a full time mom who works full time. I'm a painter, a dreamer, and a believer that the most feminist thing you can do is adore your femininity. I say what I think, when it's appropriate for sharing. I write when I feel like I have something to say. I love always.

4 thoughts on “Motherhood.

  1. The weird thing is, for me, the hunger hits mid morning HARD, after I’ve eaten breakfast. It’s hard to make good food choices at that point, because I’m starved and rushed. I end up eating a lot of cereal.

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