There is No Sweeter Phrase….

….than that of ” left occiput anterior baby” !!!

Here is what that looks like:

And Here is what it means to me, and Riker!

The Left Occiput Anterior (LOA) position is the most common in labor. It general represents no problems or additional pain during labor or birth. Here the back of the baby’s head is slightly off center in the pelvis with the back of the head towards the mother’s left thigh.

I received the great news today at my midwife appointment that Riker is all lined up, facing the right way, the best way even! His little head is engaged down in my pelvis, and he is basically locked, loaded and ready for launch. I could NOT be more excited. I was praising Jesus as I laid on the table, being kindly poked at by my midwife.

I’ve even lost a pound, which I’m told could mean I am ready to go into labor soon. Let’s hope so. My mom’s plane lands at 5:35 tomorrow night, and then we are REALLY go for launch. Please keep praying with us, and we’ll keep you updated on how things are going with the little one. Pray also for Caden, I think he senses things are happening, and he’s been a little unsettled. We’re praying Jesus touches his heart with calm and love, because he is our Squeakster, and we loves him so.

I sincerely hope to have baby news for you soon!

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