Due Date!

Due dates are almost completely worthless. Meaning that it’s about a 5% chance your baby will actually show up ON the day it’s “due.” That’s why I am not worrying about the fact that I didn’t wake up this morning, stretch, brush my teeth and have my son. It’s just a date.

God’s timing is perfect, and let me tell you, pregnancy is one time that you HAVE to depend on that. There is no microwave timer counting down on my stomach, no weird color change in my skin, no music winding to a close ala’ the Jeopardy theme song to let me know that Riker will be here at a certain time.

All I can do is wait in God’s timing, and use the extra time to appreciate the following things:

Things I can appreciate while waiting for a newborn:
– I might wake up 5 times to pee, but I can fall back asleep right when I want to
– Caden and I have a pretty set routine, including naps, meals and Jeopardy, and who KNOWS if Riker is going to like Jeopardy or not?
– I know Riker is going to come out when he’s good and cooked. I like having big babies. Note I did not say I am looking forward to pushing OUT a big baby, but I do like having them non-floppy and healthy.
– I know what time at night it’s going to be just Aaron and I.
– I only have to carry one baby in my arms when we walk across streets.
– I haven’t been thrown up on in months. Pooped on yes, barfed on, no.

I am trying to plan fun things to do every day, at least until mom gets here. That’s Tuesday night. Keeping busy is really my sanity. Today we went to the park, and the Roasterie with the Tuma’s. Caden went down the slide about a thousand times, and was generally adorably preciously cute. I love my son.

Tomorrow I shall be trekking up north to the birth center for an appointment with Midwife Anita, and I ALWAYS look forward to seeing her. Though sometimes I would like to collapse into her lap and cry. Pregnancy does make me a crier. In the afternoon after Squeaks wakes up, I’ll take him over to Susan’s and he and the girls can play in the toy kitchen while Susan and I lie on the floor, and break up any fistfights that ensue. Sometimes they are not such good sharers. They’ll learn though.

So on my due date today, I am thinking about how merciful God is, to know the perfect timing of things when we do not. I am very grateful that he answers my prayer, “Lord let this baby come in your perfect timing.”

And you know the SECOND anything happens, it’ll be all over facebook and twitter, cuz we have WIRELESS INTERNET YA’LL.

*grins, from a very pregnant Jennifer*

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