A Tale of Two Chins

As I stare down week 36 of pregnancy I am very excited about something.

I don’t have PUPPPS. Also, I would like you to know that the chick in this picture’s PUPPPS don’t hold a CANDLE, to what I had. Hers look almost decorative. Mine were much worse.

Those of you that were around for when I was pregnant with Caden know that this PUPPPS thing literally marked one of the worst physical times I’ve ever experienced. I would gladly have massive abdominal surgery AGAIN, as opposed to enduring 6 weeks of PUPPPS. Take the worst sunburn, poison ivy, nettles, poison sumac rash of your life, then sunburn it, then make it so nothing you take or put on it eases the sensation of the terrible, monotonous, vile and horrific itching.

That’s PUPPPS. And, I don’t have it! I started taking Dandelion very early in this pregnancy. (Dandelion, a de-toxifier of the liver, is thought to prevent PUPPPS, which is thought to perhaps be caused by liver toxification.)

I am the biggest advocate of natural medicine EVER. My doc with Caden was like, “bummer.” My naturopath and midwife friends were like, “DANDELION!” So this time around, when I saw that positive pregnancy test, I ran for my Dandelion supplements. I won’t be out of danger of PUPPPS until Riker has officially arrived, but no signs yet! Just normal itching that’s caused by my skin stretching. Thanks again Mom for those stretch mark genes. 🙂

Other pregnancy developments, I appear to have somehow spawned a second chin. Just a little chin, but it’s there. I try very hard to elongate my ballerina neck and posture, to prevent the second chin from showing. But I know it’s there, and I am not happy to see it. There is not a supplement one can take to eradicate double chin’s, unfortunately.

Today I spent the day feeling like a slug. The sun refuses to shine here, and combine that with a lack of caffeine and general 3rd trimester snooziness and I felt very slug like. Though I did get to go get a massage this morning, a gift from my best friends, and it was MARVELOUS. I drank a ton of water when I got home and slept like a log for an hour. A few blueberry spelt muffins and ham slices later and I was almost not a slug anymore!

In my new dream life where money grows on trees, I would get adjusted at the chiropractor, then go get a massage about once every two weeks. Also I would get a pedicure. It would be heavenly. It is also expensive to do those three things in the same day, every two weeks. I need to sell some more artwork.

Tonight I begin the sketches for our new painting for the dining room, which I hope to finish before Riker is born. We shall see how it goes. For now, to the Art Cave!

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