I do not know how time gets away from me! I always intend to blog every day, and every day somehow the time escapes me completely and I’m sitting around at 11 pm wondering where life went!

Last night was rough. Caden was sneezing, Aaron had two bloody noses (well, one nose that bled twice) and I woke up every time they did, which was roughly every hour and a half. As I sat grumpily in my bathroom around 3am, I looked at my (very) pregnant reflection in the toothpaste covered mirror. After mentally noting that my bathroom needs to be cleaned, I thought, “Wow, I really like being pregnant.” Which is a weird thing to think at 3am. But I do. I’m going to miss this time when it’s over. I have to admit though, I’m ready to kiss some Riker-cheeks.

Aaron and I managed to finish up the major moving in projects: taking our landlords stuff into our downstairs storage, cleaning up the tools, organizing the garage and making an enormous Costco run to stuff our pantry.

Now all that’s left is replacing the mismatched outlet and switch covers, and hanging out pictures. I also have plans to paint some Giant Paintings. One for above our mantel, and one for our dining room. For the dining room I will be doing a pointellism rendering of one of Aaron’s black and white photo’s. I am planning something minimalist with ginko leaves for above the mantel. I was inspired by a jewelery holder at Urban Outfitters on date night last night.

Many thanks again to the Eitels, who make date night possible by playing house with our baby.

I am beginning to feel settled. I remember this stage of pregnancy with Caden. I was nesting hardcore. I mean, I bought that crib and it had to be set up NOW. I had to have diapers and clothes and they needed to be organized by type and size THIS INSTANT and heaven help the man who didn’t get up off his keister fast enough to suit me!

This time, I feel reeeeally laid back about it. I don’t have a place for Riker to sleep yet. I did look at an empty cardboard box that was holding my shoes, and thought, “I wonder if I could just keep him in a box. Would that be weird?” I decided yes, it would be weird. I need to borrow a bassinet from someone. Point being, I don’t feel the rabid need to nest like I did last time. Maybe because I have some handle on what I’m doing this time around. Maybe because I know I’m giving birth at home, so it’s not like I have to be packed. I figured out that putting the car seat in the car takes two seconds. Maybe I’m just getting chill in my old age?

Snort. I doubt that.

In family updates, I am large and grow larger and happier by the day. I feel surprisingly good, many thanks to my new love, chiropractor Dr. Amy Goulet. Oh yeah! I need to blog about going to the chiro for the first time! In short, I love it. I love love love it and it wasn’t scary at all! I felt better immediately! Who knew the chronic tension in my shoulders could be fixed so FAST?!

I realized yesterday that I have 2 paintings to do, and I’d better get one it or I won’t get them done before Riker’s born. Since they are commissions, there’s extra incentive to get on it. I finished one last night, and plan to start the next one asap.

For now though, I’m going to sleep. I did way too much today and I am SO pregnant.

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