Say it with me: I will not eat my feelings.

I did it. It happened. I had to. I couldn’t help it anymore.

I got Them out.

Oh, you don’t know who I’m talking about? Let me show you a hideous, awful picture of what I got out today. Worse then getting Them out. I put them on. And I was so comfortable. And I hated every second of loving it.

Ugh, just…look….

Yes, I put on maternity pants with a panel that basically could also be a shirt, if I tugged it up a little bit farther. Oh they are so hideous, and so comfortable. It’s horrible.

It’s been a rough two days. Yesterday, I got up bright and early to take my mom to her flight home. After dropping her off, I sped off towards home, averaging about 75 mph. That is, until smoke started pouring out of my hood.

So there I am, about 15 minutes from home, and smoke is BILLOWING out from under my hood. It’s 9am. I am in Uggs and pajamas and 33 weeks pregnant and have NOT had coffee yet at this point. I debated just continuing to drive, but that seemed like a bad idea, as I did NOT want smoke to turn into explosions.

I pulled safely onto an exit, and melted into slight panic whilst calling husband for heroic back up. Problem being, Aaron was at home with Caden, and Caden’s car seat was in the car with me, and he can’t be driven around in the 27 year old Honda, because it’s not safe, especially with no car seat.

I call Sydney, one of my besties, who cheerfully leaves her scheduled morning behind to come read stories to Caden. Aaron jumps in the car to come rescue me, but hilariously took time to make himself a french press and put it in his travel mug first. I at this point dug a very old copy of the New York Times out of my trunk and was contemplating how pretentious that paper is, especially before one has had one’s coffee.

To make a very lonnnnng story short, we couldn’t get my broken hood open to see what’s wrong, so we popped the latch hoping driving the car would pop the hood open, which it did. After a couple more episodes of having to stop to let the smoke clear and dump in water and coolant, we finally made it to the mechanic. Thanks to the salty man at 7-11 who hauled dirty jugs of coolant out of his huge work van and pointed out that wet stuff was dripping out of the engine from areas it should NOT be. Thanks, salty old man!

The mechanic did his best, and found we needed an entirely new radiator, as our old one had cracked and leaked out all the coolant, hence the smoke. I kissed a ton of money goodbye, but at least my car is working without doing an impression of a coal engine on the fritz.

Today I scored some cute clothes at a great consignment sale in Lee’s Summit ( that were very much needed for Caden. He now slides down the stairs, and as a result has bad carpet burn on his legs and belly. I’m trying to let it heal by keeping him in onesies with feet, and he only had one pair. Also, his jeans were turning into capris. Didn’t score what I hoped to, which is a backpack carrier, but maybe I can find a good one on ebay?

Caden only took one nap today, and only slept for an hour (normally he takes a couple two hour naps), and I was solo pretty much all day with him as Aaron had other plans, like work and getting my car from the mechanic. It’s been a long day, and between the no naps and the huge check to the mechanic I would very much like to get my half gallon of ice cream out of the freezer and eat ALL OF IT.

So say it with me. I will not eat my feelings.

At least, not very much.

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About Jennifer James

I'm a full time mom who works full time. I'm a painter, a dreamer, and a believer that the most feminist thing you can do is adore your femininity. I say what I think, when it's appropriate for sharing. I write when I feel like I have something to say. I love always.

3 thoughts on “Say it with me: I will not eat my feelings.

  1. I’m not sure if you know me or not…I used to work at HGC and sing on Jon Thurlow’s and Cory Asbury’s teams a loooong time ago. I recently ran across your blog. I love your honesty in your writing, and wanted you to know that your posts make me smile. I’m not a mom or a wife yet, but I have a feeling I’ll think back on your posts in the future. Thanks for writing. 🙂

  2. Ug. I so agree with you on the pants. I HATE the panel thingy, and probably won’t wear them at all this time cause it makes me soooo hot! Did I mention I’m due Aug/Sep? So not looking forward to the little heater in my belly turned on full blast in the 100+ degree heat.
    And I say eat the whole tub of ice cream!

  3. Maggie- Oh thank you for commenting! Sometimes it’s really good to hear that people like to read the things I write. You’ve blessed me!

    Rachel- Two words for you: summer dress. I wouldn’t wear pants heavily pregnant in August if you put a gun to my big head. 🙂

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