Movin’ Right Along

I realized today that perhaps there are people out there that don’t get to see Caden very often. For those people, I thought I would update you on all the new goings on with Caden. Let’s see. He definitely isn’t super motivated to talk, mostly because he signs the things that are important, like “food” or “please.” But, he also understands a lot more than you’d think. I can say to him, in a perfectly normal and adult tone of voice, things like, “Caden, please bring mommy her phone” and he’ll go get it. Or, “Caden, go pick up your cup and put it on the table.” And he will! He’s a pretty smart little guy.

The packing and the moving and the cleaning has him a bit discombobulated. He’s off his schedule, and he has a cold (ugh snot is so gross), so we’ve been having some temper tantrum issues. Aaron and I are trying hard to figure out when to comfort him, and when to not give credence to his fit pitching with tons of attention. The other day, in a fit of tantrum-ness, Caden tried to shove himself between the fridge and the wall, while staring at me pitifully. It was so sad looking it was almost funny. I sat down and told him a story about how much I love him, and he eventually stopped trying to cram himself next to the major appliances.

Knowing Caden understands a lot of what we say, Aaron and I often explain what we are doing when we pack stuff up. How we are all moving together, and all the things in the apartment will be in the house, etc. It seemed like a good idea to us. We often mention that we plan on taking him with us. Tonight before bed I held Caden with his cozy (his blanket) and his pacifier, and told him how much I loved him. He smiled behind his paci and laid his head on my shoulder. Oh it was so sweet. Then he took his paci out and wiped his very snotty nose on my shirt. I love being a mom.

And we started out day with a very bloody nose and a very big choke at breakfast, so I really feel like I’ve clocked some significant mom hours today. Trust me when I say the one thing you don’t want to see when you go in to get your kid out of bed in the morning is their face all smeared with snot and blood. Clearly he’d had a little bloody nose after he woke up, and it kinda got everywhere. No harm done, for he was happy as a clam, and I almost had a heart attack. Nothing some good strong coffee (for me) and some diaper wipes (for his face) couldn’t fix! Riker liked the adrenaline, and kicked me savagely in the left hip, so as to be involved in all the action.

I can’t wait to have two little boys.

We’ve reached the stage that I can’t pack very much more of our apartment up until right before we move. Everything we don’t use often is packed up, even some of the stuff we DO use often. We’ve been kind of short on bowls lately. The other night I ate my 1/2 cup of cereal out of a mixing bowl, because it was the only clean bowl to be found. I bought all kinds of supplies to make smoothies, then realized I’d packed the blender. Aaron offered to unpack it, and I yelled, “NO, DO NOT UNPACK ANYTHING EVER UNTIL WE’VE MOVED!!!” I’m eating bowls of frozen berries and drinking a lot of juice.

At almost 32 weeks pregnant, I’ve finally reached the stage where I get up to pee at least once at night. Thanks to the stress of moving soon, and some job related stuff etc, Aaron has been talking a LOT in his sleep. He’s a sleep-talker when he’s stressed out. When I say “talk” I do mean TALK, loudly and in semi-coherent sentences. Last night he was bossing around some sort of parade. At least when I get up to pee, there’s a good floor show?

I scrubbed out our fireplace last night. I felt very Cinderella-ish, aside from the big pregnant belly.

My car needs an oil change, and my ceiling fan needs dusting, and man, I should shave my legs sometime soon. The important thing is, even at the end of a very busy day my heart is full and happy.

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