Naked Walls.

There is something about having nothing hanging on the walls of our apartment that makes me feel really weird. Anxious to move, to get into the new house, and to get our artwork back up on the walls. I hate having naked walls.

Mostly because the walls aren’t totally naked. There are still random nails sticking out at random intervals. There is the weird soot stain outlining where the clock used to hang, with the candle beneath it.

Today, we took everything down off the walls. It’s very metaphorical for change and moving on and a new season. Very deep. Very naked.

Aaron and I are giving away some of the art that’s hung in our apartment, primarily because we now produce enough of our OWN artwork, and that’s what we want to focus on filling the walls in the new house with, our own stuff. I like that when people appreciate something hanging in our house, it’s something Aaron or I MADE. That’s cool to me.

Packing to move is going swimmingly, as far as I can tell. I’ve been plucking away at it 2 or 3 boxes a day. Today the always fabulous Joanna Eitel came over and tirelessly packed bowl after bowl after ceramic doohickey for over an hour. Lots of the stuff is wedding gifts we don’t use, or antique bowls I don’t use often etc. Lots of newspaper and bubble wrap and inky fingers. Thank goodness for her, because my pregnant self moves at the speed of smell, and it would have taken me forever to pack alone!

Tonight was tv night, and I made some brownies for the friends that could make it. Ghiradelli brownies no less! They are now totally gone, and I have some dishes waiting for me in the kitchen when I can bring myself to have the energy to stand at the sink for a half an hour. You can’t load the dishwasher while Caden is awake, because he unloads it faster than I can load it, and he always starts with the knives. Plus now he has the grip strength to pick up dishes, and you can only imagine how well that goes.

Yesterday we offically announced the name of Baby #2! We like to give our children names that are unique but not weird, and also name them after people who either have had a strong influence on our lives in the Lord, or lives with the Lord we admire, or both. So! Official Blog Name Announcement!

Riker Timothy Owen James.

Riker: is a derivation of Richard, which means “powerful leader”. And, because I like that name. Timothy, for the man who has been a big prophetic voice in my life, and who gave me the prophetic word that sent me out here in the first place. Without Timothy Carr’s prophecy to me one morning on his front lawn, telling me to come to IHOP, I would never have met Aaron, or had either one of my amazing children. Plus he’s pretty cool just in of himself. Owen: Owen was Aaron’s pick for a name, and it means, amongst other things, Young Warrior and Healthy Child. All our boys, like Aaron, will have two middles names (some people wonder, “why two?” ) and we’re really excited to meet this little guy!

Tomorrow is my first midwife appointment in a long time, as my normal appointment date was delayed by vacation and such. Then after tomorrow, I start going every two weeks until Riker is born. I can’t believe we’re at that time already. I’d ask for your continued prayers for a safe healthy and quick delivery, pray for strength for Aaron, wisdom for the midwives, and lots stamina and strength for me! Also, it would be super cool if Riker came on time or early. I am a human crockpot, and I’d prefer not to go 2 weeks overdue, like I’m sure I would have with Caden had I not been induced.

Update you tomorrow after my midwife appointment, and, please don’t forget: It’s almost my birthday.

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