Search Engine, Spoons, WWII, Fun Sports, “How to Spell Vacuum”

I thought it was funny to try and put some things in the title that would lead people to our blog when they put that particular word in a search engine. We’ll see if it gets us any hits.

I’ve felt this burgeoning need to create something lately, but can’t quite bring my self to drag out my paint stuff at night, mostly because it has to all be packed away when I’m done. I can’t just leave things out, or Caden eats them. It doesn’t matter how many times I ask him not to eat my brushes, he seems to be determined to gnaw them to death.

Perhaps he is teething?

I made the Pioneer Womans’ Black Bean Chowder yesterday. It took forever, which is ok. It was mostly simmering and stirring and occasionally adding some bits of something. I labored over this recipe ya’ll. Labored. Then, at the last second, it curdled. Which basically means what was meant to be a smooth voluptuous chowder turned out to be a broth with lumpy milk and cheese bits in it. I cried. I was so angry. Also, didn’t think it tasted that good. The weird-out texture brought about by the curdling didn’t slow Aaron and Tyler down any, as they both ate large helpings sopped up with buttered corn bread.

However, to labor over something just to watch it curdle unfixably at the last second was a bit more than I could stand yesterday. I might have cursed a little bit, which is a housewife’s perogative when the soup curdles. For something that took this long to make and used this many kinds of dairy, I wanted it to taste WAY more impressive.

In baby news, I will be 28 weeks pregnant on Sunday! I can’t believe it, the 28 week mark is the beginning of the third trimester! Just 3 more months until we have a newborn again. I can’t believe it. The baby is kicking and stretching and exhibiting all those great signs of healthiness. Please continue to pray for me that I will NOT be visited by PUPPPS again. Please note that the PUPPPS you see in that link are no where NEAR as bad as mine were. Let that just give you some perspective.

I know a lot of blogs lately are talking about the devastation of Haiti. I am not going to here. Mostly because, let me be honest, I just can’t handle it. Especially the children. I just can’t. I become a slobbering pile of sobs on the floor. However, if you want great information about how to help, what’s going on with adoptions or relief efforts, please go visit Randy Bohlender on his website. As he is informed and very involved in those topics.

I can’t wait to get into our new house and get life set up in a place with some ROOM. We’re starting to look like a toy store exploded in here, and caught the laundry basket on it’s way out.

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I'm a full time mom who works full time. I'm a painter, a dreamer, and a believer that the most feminist thing you can do is adore your femininity. I say what I think, when it's appropriate for sharing. I write when I feel like I have something to say. I love always.

4 thoughts on “Search Engine, Spoons, WWII, Fun Sports, “How to Spell Vacuum”

  1. I know dearest, but still, a woman likes her soup to not be all lumpy and weird. It’s a boon to me that I married a man who eats it anyway.

  2. ( this is mom, by the way)
    the heat under the soup was too high that’s why it curdled. happens to the cheese and brocolli soup i make too if I’m not very careful…

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