It’s Nice to Have a Roof Over Your Head

Tomorrow morning we are doing something very exciting, for us anyway. We are, admittedly, easily entertained. This is a big deal though.

Tomorrow morning, we will be signing lease papers on our new house! Yes that’s right kids, we found a place, with the help of the great folks over at Gladheart Realty. I highly recommend using them if you are looking to buy, sell or rent a place any time in the near future.

This was such an amazing blessing from the Lord that one blog post isn’t going to be able to do the whole awesome thing any justice, but I shall try.

First off, the Landlord is on track for sainthood, in my opinion. He has bent over BACKWARDS to make this place affordable, workable and viable for our family. He is getting prayed for every night by moi, because he really has shown us the love of the Lord in this whole situation.

Here are the Houses high points, and feel free to go back and compare to my wishlist in this post:

– 3 bedrooms, with a bedroom size room in the basement (but because it has no windows, it is not officially a bedroom
– 2 bathrooms, one newly remodeled with very nice tile shower and double sink
– vaulted ceilings in the living room, with exposed beams
– newly remodeled kitchen, including: granite countertops, all new cabinets, brand new tile floor, freshly painted walls, two pantry spaces, and lots of window light
– a basement big enough to have a tv area, a play area and a studio area, with two huge storage closets and a fun under the stairs nook
– a two car garage with AUTOMATIC GARAGE DOOR OPENERS
– A WASHER AND DRYER! *this is where the angels start to sing*
– security system
– big fenced backyard with 3 ginormous trees that look to provide lovely shade in the summer
– in a nice neighborhood, where I can let the kiddos’ ride bikes
– lawn mower
– the house comes furnished, and while we’re taking some stuff out, the landlord is letting us use whatever we like, which includes a dining room table, a kitchen table and all requisite chairs
– a floor to ceiling brick fireplace in the living room
– The house is only 3 levels, which means I won’t have to gate my house up like a fortress to keep the kids from falling up or down the stairs
– about a 5 minute drive from the PR, and theoretically, close to the new Truman Property where IHOP will be moving in the next few years. But I have no idea where this property is, hence the “theoretically” part.

There is A LOT to be excited about. It came at just the right time, and we’re so blessed and excited. We really feel like we’re moving into a new phase of life with this move to a new place, and we’re always thrilled to see what the Lord has for us, because he is SO GOOD.

In other news, we shall soon be traveling to see my family, which is also SO GOOD.

We’ll be moving in the end of February, and I shall make giant pots of home made food for anyone who wants to help us move.

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