Giving for The Loux Family

Many of you may have heard of the tragic passing of Derek Loux, a great man here at the International House of Prayer. My beloved sister-of-the-heart, Tracie Loux, is married to Derek’s brother John, a man I deeply respect and feel honored to know. Both Loux families have committed to the causes of adoption and justice for children. I can’t even go into how much I love these people. Randy Bohlender wrote a fantastic post about Derek that you can read here.

Many people have asked me how they can give financially to support Renee and her 10 beautiful kids. Here is the info you need if you would like to support the Loux family.

Here is some information on giving to Renee Loux and her children:

Tax deductible financial gifts can be given as follows:

Checks made payable to: “SCCF”

In memo line of check, write: “IHOP Benevolence Fund”

Mail checks to: IHOP-KC, 3535 E. Red Bridge Rd, Kansas City, MO 64137
Checks can also be brought to the IHOP-KC Business Office.
For credit card donations, call: 816-763-00200 x2250

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